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Surgery?! What surgery?! I *cause* the injuries!

It has been announced today that cult cut-em-up Surgeon Simulator 2013 will have the Medic and Heavy from Team Fortress 2 feature as Nigel and Bob in the game. It's pretty fashionable to have Team Fortress 2 characters in your game now - this follows Hello Games' inclusion of the Valve characters in Joe Danger as announced yesterday. Hello Games have set a trend! How in-vogue of them. Strike a pose, dudes.

Bossa Studios are providing an update for Surgeon Simulator 2013 that will bring the Medic and Heavy to the game, and they will be available on Steam from 10am PST/ 6pm BST tomorrow (priced £6.99 in the UK and $9.99 in the US). The update will be free for existing owners of the game.

The press release states that this is "a very rare agreement with Valve" which is perhaps slightly contradictory given Hello Games is also using the characters. It goes on to say, "the Bossa developers have integrated two characters from the seminal TF2: the Medic and the Heavy. Inspired by Valve’s “Meet The Medic” video, these characters will now take the roles of Nigel and Bob in the game that set the internet alight this year, with around 1 million Let’s Play videos now uploaded to YouTube, garnering well in excess of 70 million video views."

You can watch said Meet the Medic video here:

Surgeon Simulator 2013 gathered quite the attention on its release indeed, and will be playable at Rezzed at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend.

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Now I'm twice as jealous I didn't win your giveaway. Might just have to pony up the cash and buy it :)


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