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Look out for the new witch hut in the latest Minecraft snapshot

The new building.

This latest update gets witches onto the property ladder and also makes a few minor tweaks to the game. Be careful with this one, though, as word is it might contain a significant bug. Click through for a more detailed analysis of the major changes.

Are you ready?

  • Slimes now spawn in swamps when the sun goes down.
  • You can now quickly move items into your inventory slots by pressing the 1 to 9 keys while the mouse is over them.
  • Fires spread in a much more conservative manner, putting an end to crazy blazes.
  • There are new Flatworld terrain generation options.
  • Bug fixes for paintings and teleporting pets.
  • There's an ever so slightly shinier Beacon texture.

If you're interested in trying a new Minecraft snapshot for yourself, remember that we have a guide here, but be warned that some players are reporting a problem with this one where they're breaking two blocks at once. Don't make a mess, now.

Picture credit goes to DetachableMonkey on reddit, who found this lovely waterside residence.

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