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SimCity update 7's road bridges and tunnels should put paid to traffic problems

Traffic of one kind or another has always been SimCity’s problem: whether that’s players piling on unprepared servers at launch, or endless yellow cabs clogging its streets with conspicuous bugginess.

Today, thankfully, we’re talking about intentional traffic jams - the brain-bending bottlenecks that encourage players to find inventive logistical solutions. With the release of SimCity update 7, Maxis will add two more possible solutions to the game: bridges and tunnels.

Maxis’ Guillaume Pierre will talk you through the new raise/lower tool, which can increase your city’s prospects one six metre increment at a time:

Press the ‘M’ key to raise your road, and the 'N' key to lower it. After three presses in either direction, the game will show the potential bridge or tunnel you’re about to lay. If a bridge is high enough, you can throw another road beneath it - solving some of SimCity’s chronic space issues.

The tool can also be used in lesser degrees to produce trench roads and retaining walls - though their purpose seems more aesthetic than practical.

Julian says SimCity update 7 will have its vehicles think a little further ahead. Will improved traffic options be enough to bring frustrated fans back to the game, do you think?

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Fattox Avatar
2 Years ago

I'll believe it when i say. Every patch so far apparently address traffic issues, yet they still get stuck halfway through intersections or stop mid-U-turn and block every lane.

I bet they also didn't fix the bug where delivery trucks enter your city, then do a U turn at the first junction and leave. That bug alone saw my once thriving city go bankrupt within no time, simply because nobody ever came to collect my export shipments.

Such fail.

Fattox Avatar
2 Years ago

Well what i wrote above is based upon playing the last update (6). I actually saw the buglist while looking for my particular problem, and it seemed to have hundreds of outstanding bugs. I'm sure some were minor, but i'm also sure a fair number weren't, such as the bug i encountered. It was game breaking.

Like Tim said, it all feels a bit small scale for a PC buildy game too. I have far more fun on other construction 'em ups overall. Civ 5, Prison Architect, Gnomoria, OpenTTD, etc. The alpha/beta games i mentioned have less bugs on offer too.

Hell, even Farm Sim 2013 is more fun and rewarding than Sim City, and i'm usually the sort to play games with explosions and the likes... :D

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Is it STILL bug ridden? I made a decision to buy the goty edition (or equiv) But, is it still terrible?

Tim Edwards Avatar
2 Years ago

It's certainly better than it was but I think it's only going to be worth playing once they increase the size of the city plots.

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