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2008’s Viking: Battle for Asgard was the Creative Assembly’s second ever console game - a third-person hack-and-slash hash at squeezing the developer’s trademark scale down the pipe of a story-driven action game.

Now it’s arrived back home on Steam.

Like Spartan: Total Warrior before it, Creative Assembly’s Viking played far freer and looser with historical accuracy than is usual for the strategy specialists.

The God of War-like placed you behind the eyes - or rather behind the undulating shoulder muscles - of the titular Viking, leading your fellows to fight against the underlings of grim Norse goddess Hel for control of Midgard - the three open-world islands across which the game takes place.

The port has been developed by Hardlight Studio, Sega’s new West Midlands team, which is headed up by former Codemasters exec Sion Lenton. Hardlight appear to have given the rather creaky Viking a complete graphical overhaul.

“It's looking really pretty,” said Creative Assembly on Twitter. “We're looking forward to seeing one of our favourite games find a whole new audience.”

Viking is the second Creative Assembly console title to hit Steam this year, after Total War Battles: Shogun. See the console version in motion below. Did you play it at the time?

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