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WoW Guild Mentoring program now active, with chosen guilds named

Blizzard have been recruiting Guild Mentors for WoW for the last month. Think of them as the Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Mists of Pandaria’s 10 Things I Hate About You - the medium between new and returning players and WoW school's complicated social infrastructure of plastics, geeks, and pandas. They'll show you the ropes, is what I'm getting at. Don't look at me like that - in this analogy, you're Heath Ledger. How often do you get to be Heath Ledger? 

Anyway, chosen guilds have temporarily changed their names for the occasion, and will allow players a friendly place to learn the game, as well as join up for dungeons and raids.

If you’re planning to jump into WoW with Pandaria, these are the guild names you’ll want to look out for:-

Alliance - Legendary
Horde - Knight Stalkers

Alliance - Mordax
Horde - The Crimson Guard

Alliance - Silentium
Horde - Exile

Alliance - The Queens Knights
Horde - Pwny Express

Alliance - Dark Sun Knights
Horde - Dalaran Misfits

Alliance - Hybrid Theory
Horde - Zenith

Alliance - Conclave
Horde - FREE Guild Perks

Alliance - Fair Enough
Horde - Focus Fire

Alliance - Celtic Brotherhood
Horde - Audacity

Alliance - Texmex Pack
Horde - The Covenant

Horde - Antiquus

Alliance - Godz of War
Horde - WAR PIGZ

Alliance - Ronin
Horde - Renegades

Alliance - Breach of Faith
Horde - Myriad

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