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Steam’s cutest new cozy game is free to play right now

This cozy game on Steam is free to play, and if you're a cat lover, you'll probably find its puzzles too adorable to resist for long.

100 Dino Cats

A free-to-play cozy game about hidden furry creatures is winning hearts and positive reviews on Steam following its February 2024 release: 100 Dino Cats has entered the chat. If you’re in the market for a relaxing yet challenging experience, it may fit the bill nicely.

100 Dino Cats is one of the most adorable free games of early 2024, and a particular hit with the cat lovers of the world — of which there are many. The base version of the game doesn’t cost a cent, and if reviews are anything to go by, it’s worth installing.

Since releasing on February 26, the game has racked up 509 reviews and earned a ‘very positive’ rating. Key features include high-quality artwork, real meow sound effects, and over one hundred levels to beat. Developer and publisher 100 Cozy Games clearly has a knack for this niche, too, as they’ve published several similar games in the same vein.

100 Dino Cats level

The hidden object game’s Steam description reads, “Join the cutest adventure in the Dino-themed locations full of cats! Explore the charming hand-drawn artwork of the Dino places and Cats as you embark on a quest to find 100 adorable cats hidden throughout the game. Can you find them all?” Where’s Waldo, but with cute kittens? Count us in.

The only thing to keep in mind is that some reviews mentioned that in one level a cat is hidden behind a menu button, so some folks had trouble clicking it. But given the game is new, we hope this gets fixed quickly.

If you’d like additional content, there’s a deluxe version of the game listed. In this version, you receive extras such as an art book and the game’s soundtrack. You can also purchase these items as DLC separately if you want.

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