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Award nominated Nier Automata style sci fi indie game out now on Steam

1000xRESIST is a new sci fi indie game, out right now, whose blend of Nier Automata and Resident Evil has netted it award nominations.

Award nominated 1000xRESIST launches on Steam: A blue haired cartoon woman with frameless glasses, the Watcher from 1000xRESIST.

1000xRESIST is a striking game, from its name through to its premise and visual style. Its eerie sci fi world and narrative call to mind Nier Automata, Killer7, Remember Me, Signalis, and 2017’s underrated Echo, though it appears to be far more than a simple combination of those influences. It’s also generated a lot of buzz in the lead up to its launch, racking up award nominations from the Independent Games Festival (or IGF) and establishing it as a project worth keeping an eye on. Now, it’s come out on Steam, giving curious audiences the opportunity to take a closer look.

1000xRESIST is hard to pin down into a single videogame genre. The indie game is set in a far flung future where players assume the role of a clone created from the ALLMOTHER, the lone survivor of an apocalyptic event who’s now worshipped by the protagonist and her identical counterparts. Its creator cites Nier Automata and the film and TV work of Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue; Paprika) and Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion; Shin Godzilla) as influences, along with experimental theater director Robert Wilson (Einstein on the Beach; The Black Rider).

The game takes the form of a mystery adventure where the player, as a clone called the Watcher, investigates the history of her strange world by combing through and reliving the ALLMOTHER’s memories. 1000xRESIST’s Steam page explains that the game shifts “between 3rd person adventure, visual novel, and first person walking simulator” as the Watcher explores these memories and the sprawling subterranean home she and her sisters inhabit.

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Anyone interested in seeing how this plays out can pick up 1000xRESIST for 10% off until May 23, which cuts its price down to $17.99 USD / £15.07. Grab a copy right here.

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