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Spiritfarer dev’s 33 player co-op roguelike to get demonic closed beta

33 Immortals is getting a closed beta and during the Triple-i Initiative event, we got to see a bit more of the MMO-lite action game.

Spitifarer Dev's 33 player co-op roguelike to get demonic closed beta: A huge three-headed winged demon stands above a field of blue fire

When you’re damned by the decree of God it can be a rough old time. Thankfully in 33 Immortals you’ll be able to get together with a gang of fellow sinners and show God exactly what you think of this damnation business. During the Triple-i Initiative event, Spiritfarer developer Thunder Lotus showed off a little bit more gameplay as well as revealing the date for the upcoming closed beta test.

Coming off like a cross between Hades and World of Warcraft, 33 Immortals is definitely a co-op roguelike, but it’s also a mini-MMO which revolves around running raids and defeating bosses with a ton of other players. If you’ve ever played either game, you’ll be instantly at home here and the gameplay trailer gives an idea of just how all this hangs together.

As you rebel against the system of order that’s condemned you, you’ll grab a weapon and hop though a portal to join raids throughout various parts of hell. There, it’s clobberin’ time, as you’ll engage in frantic top-down action with all the usual damage numbers, AoE markers, and status effects you might expect from an action roguelike’s take on an MMO raid.

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There are hints of a ton of special attacks you’ll be able to unleash on your devilish foes, as well as revival options to allow you to rejoin the action should you meet an unfortunate end. Smash the raid, defeat the boss, dance through the waves of attacks and you’ll be back home to heal up, spend resources, equip new gear, and dive back into another mini raid.

What’s most intriguing about 33 Immortals is how it’ll tackle the size of your party. Sharp-eyed viewers may have spotted in the gameplay trailer that there doesn’t appear to be 33 players on screen at all times; instead it seems you’re spread over a larger level and you can split up to do objectives. At one point, six players hop through something called a Bone Shrine to fight in a Torture Chamber, somewhere that looks to hold additional objectives and extra loot for you to carry back home.

33 Immortals gameplay, a huge field of enemies attack a few different heroes from a top down perspective.

If all that has tickled your demonic fancy, you can sign up on the official site for a chance to join the closed beta which will run from Friday, May 24 to Sunday, June 2.

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