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33 Immortals release date estimate, trailers, and latest news

It’s time to take control of your afterlife and have a word with God with the help of some strangers, so here’s the 33 Immortals release date.

33 Immortals release date: a huge three-headed monster.

When is the 33 Immortals release date? It’s a classic story; you’re banished to the afterlife – you don’t want to be in the afterlife – so you recruit a huge band of fellow dead to assault God’s abode. Simple, classic, we all know how this goes, right?

The co-op roguelike, 33 Immortals, is an interesting mix of MMO and top-down action akin to Hades. You can raid with up to – you guessed it – 33 people, all working in tandem to get a second chance. We have an estimate on the 33 Immortals release date, the story we know so far, and any trailers that the developer has blessed us with.

33 Immortals release date: a chaotic battle with fire everywhere.

33 Immortals release date estimate

We expect that the 33 Immortals release date is sometime in late 2024. Despite not having a specific release date so far, developer Thunder Lotus has confirmed that an early access period will begin in 2024, and due to the game’s currently quite polished state, we anticipate the full release following shortly afterwards. This is also confirmed on the Xbox store as arriving in 2024.

33 Immortals will be available on the Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC, you can play 33 Immortals on Game Pass from day one. There are ongoing alpha playtests which you can sign up for on the 33 Immortals website.

33 Immortals release date: a menu screen showing a bunch of upgrades for a warrior.

33 Immortals story

You’ve been judged by God. You don’t like, or agree, with that judgment, and you’ve decided that the only way out is to fight. Seems reasonable. You can take on the afterlife solo, or with a group of up to 33 players, and in there you’ll face off against hordes of monsters, many bosses, and even The Almighty themselves.

The idea is to evoke the feeling of a huge MMO raid – you’ll have to synergize your abilities with the rest of your team and work together to take down what is likely to be the toughest battle possible for those who are already dead.

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33 Immortal trailers and gameplay

Take one look at 33 Immortals and it’ll likely conjure images of Hades (that’s no bad thing, mind). With the hypermobile, almost bullet-hell-like swarms of enemies and projectiles, the battles look fast and frenetic. Throw in 32 other players on screen, and it’s going to pay to keep your cool during these tough encounters.

You’ll level up your abilities, increasing both your defensive and offensive capabilities. Syncing with the rest of your team, and taking a wide range of abilities will ensure that you can take on whatever God throws at you.

That’s everything we know about 33 Immortals. As known Hades-enjoyers, we couldn’t be more excited to get together with our friends and take down some oversized enemies. Check out our best coop games if you want to hone that teamwork before the time comes, and the best multiplayer games if you just want to exist in the same space as other gamers.