Command and Conquer Remastered dev has a new RTS game, playable now

The team behind Command and Conquer Remastered has a new, retro-style RTS game that you can play right now thanks to Steam Next Fest.

New RTS game 9 Bit Armies: A battle from 9 Bit Armies, the Steam RTS game from Command and Conquer Remastered developers

I’m not normally given easily to nostalgia, and I’m unlikely to be seduced by a game just because it looks and sounds like something I played back in the day. But my word, do I long for the return of classic Command and Conquer. The GDI versus NOD. Live-action cutscenes. That Frank Klepacki score. Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn are two of the best, if not the best, RTS games of all time, made only better by the fantastic C and C Remastered back in 2020. Command and Conquer might be in hibernation for now, but a new RTS, available to play right this second thanks to a demo at Steam Next Fest, feels like a perfect replacement. Created by the team responsible for Command and Conquer Remastered, as well as Star Wars: Empire at War, this is the retro real-time strategy game we all need.

Welcome to 9 Bit Armies, a new RTS game from Petroglyph, the studio that co-created Command and Conquer Remastered. First of all, you have a huge campaign where you can play as both sides, reminiscent, of course, of classic C and C. Maps are gigantic, and you have access to land, air, and sea units, as well as dozens of buildings and other construction options. Create superweapons, build bridges, and take on the incredibly tough opponent AI across custom maps and missions. This is the full RTS package.

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Thanks to its chunky, voxel-style visuals, 9 Bit Armies also allows for total environmental destruction, so you can obliterate enemy bases and buildings piece by piece. You can play the entire campaign via online co-op, or do battle in eight-person multiplayer matches. Also notable is the ‘veterancy’ system, which allows you to upgrade and improve units and armies the longer they survive, even between campaign missions. So, if you develop an affinity with a particular infantry squad or tank division, they can stay with you as you progress.

And now, you can try 9 Bit Armies for yourself, thanks to a new demo available as part of Steam Next Fest. It gives you access to the first three campaign missions against AI opponents. If you want to try it, it’s right here.

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