999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors hinted for Steam release


Update July 3, 2016: It appears the sequel to 999, Virtue’s Last Reward, will also be receiving the port treatment as a slide at the end of a further Spike Chunsoft presentation has revealed.

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Original story: Visual novel999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors could be heading to Steam after developers Spike Chunsoft announced ports are officially in the pipeline.

Steam has plenty of great story games to get lost in if you want to check the top RPGs on PC.

The first game in the Zero Escape series, which saw its third instalment Zero Time Dilemma released on Steam this week, has never appeared outside of its Nintendo DS launch platform (and later in an iOS version which removed all of the gameplay elements).

At Anime Expo 2016 on Saturday evening, series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi officially declared other platforms would receive ported versions of the original game with Japanese voice acting.

Uchikoshi has previously teased this announcement in tweets that strongly suggest a Steam release is on the cards. And by “strongly” we mean “with all the subtlety of the game’s writing”.

In case you’ve never played 999, or its sequel Virtue’s Last Reward, imagine if someone skim-read every conspiracy theory wikipedia page, heard about the concept of “escape the room” games and set about bringing the two together through the medium of anime-as-hell VN scenes.

If you like wordy dialogue and plot twists that rely on misunderstood pseudoscience, look out for a more concrete Steam announcement within the year.

With thanks to RPGSite for their tireless anime-related livetweeting.