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Final Fantasy XV updates to continue well into 2018, beyond the PC release

Final Fantasy XV

Even though the final expansions for Final Fantasy XV are now fully scheduled and rolling out before the year’s end, it seems the PC release of Square Enix’s magical-realist road-trip extravaganza may not be the end of the story, with post-release support for the game now planned to extend well into 2018.

Can’t wait for Comrades? No shortage of great co-op games available right now on PC.

As reported by Gematsu and Games Talk, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata announced plans at TGS to continue work on the game well beyond the intial season pass content. All this comes after the confirmation that the multiplayer expansion – shown above – entitled Comrades, will be released October 31st, with the final single-player story chapter, Episode Ignis, set for a December launch.

While the game caught some flak at launch, it has received excellent post-release support to a degree unusual for any game, AAA, Japanese, or otherwise. In addition to a major rework of a particular low-point in the single-player story, the game has received a slew of new in-game events, and several massive quality of life upgrades, including the option to refit your road-bound muscle car into an off-road monster truck for more freeform adventuring.

It seems a safe bet that the focus of any post-release updates for the game will be on expanding the upcoming multiplayer component. Judging from the trailer above, there’s no expense being spared, and the Comrades expansion will include a full character creator as well go some way to fill in a particular blank spot in the timeline of the main story. Early assumptions were that the individual character-episode DLC packs would culminate in some sort of shared adventure, but it would seem that Comrades is telling a whole new story about a player-created cast of heroes.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release early next year, and will include all the updates to date, including all the season pass content, and a few PC-centric upgrades too. You can read more technical nitty-gritty about the PC version in our report here.