Fatal Fury’s ‘King Of Fear’ Geese Howard arrives as Tekken 7’s first guest DLC character

Tekken 7

SNK’s Fatal Fury series may have been largely lost to the sands of time now, but fighting game fans will never forget throwing down with Geese Howard, once-unintelligible villain of the series, possibly second only in terms of menace to King Of Fighters’ notorious Rugal.

Now he’s back and in glorious super-HD. The towering slab of angry muscle once known as the King Of Fear has arrived in Tekken 7, accompanied by his gloriously over-the-top 16 bit Neo Geo metal theme tune.

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In addition to his his retro musical accompaniment and classic bare-chested look, the Geese Howard DLC pack comes with a few additional costumes which can be mixed and matched with the usual variety of optional dress-up items. While he’s playable in both Arcade and Tekken Bowl (even the KING OF FEAR needs some downtime) modes, he unfortunately doesn’t make a showing in Story mode, but that’s to be expected for one as cutscene and dialogue-heavy as this.

Tekken 7 is establishing itself as a hotbed for bizarre crossover action. Not only does the game already have Street Fighter’s Akuma baked into the story mode, but Final Fantasy XV’s crown prince Noctis is going to be making an appearance eventually. Personally, I don’t think he’s got much of a chance against Geese. After all, how is a mere prince meant to stand up against a king?

As an aside, I do question the sanity of anyone saying that Noctis or Akuma are too ‘outlandish’ to fit into the tightly curated and realistic world of Tekken. After all, it’s not like there’s a robot schoolgirl with chainsaw-arms and an exploding, detachable head as part of the regular cast, or a narcoleptic comedy vampire available as DLC.

You can get Geese Howard by himself for £6/$8 on Steam, or as part of the larger season pass here. Personally, I’m waiting for the inevitiable re-release version that every fighting game worth its salt gets, once all the DLC and updates have slowed down a bit.