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If you’ve got a fear of rats, you might want to skip this A Plague Tale: Innocence trailer

A plague tale innocence art

Did you know that a fear of rats is called musophobia? I didn’t, but now I do, because I had to find out after watching the new trailer for A Plague Tale: Innocence. It’s an upcoming action game where 14th century France is swarming with rats that will happily feast upon an unsuspecting guard. It’s more than a little grim.

Want something much lighter, after that horror show above? Perhaps some Planet Coaster creations will help?

You’ll be trying to help Amicia and Hugo, a pair of siblings, survive the rat infestation, as well as the ever-marching Inquisition. Why are the Inquisition trying to hunt a pair of kids? Why are there literally thousands of rats in every street in France? And why is a church built on thousands of corpses?

These questions will probably be answered when the game comes out. When that is we don’t know yet as no release date has been mentioned. We did get around to giving the game a substantial preview earlier this year, though, if you’re curious for more.