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Hunt: Showdown gets new rival in Western-themed Steam FPS

A Twisted Path to Renown is a Western FPS that takes notes from Red Dead Redemption 2, Rust, and Hunt: Showdown to make a new kind of MMO.

Hunt: Showdown rival coming to Steam: A man with a cowboy hat covering his eyes, from A Twisted Path to Renown.

Hunt: Showdown has kept a tight grip on its player base for a long time now. The multiplayer FPS’ creators at Crytek have done an excellent job of refining the game’s design and adding in fresh material since it first hit Steam all the way back in 2018. Fans of its late 19th-century setting and tense shooting may be interested in a new game that looks like a solid accompaniment to Hunt, though: the newly announced Western-themed A Twisted Path to Renown, an online FPS that blends Rust-style survival with Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer sim elements.

A Twisted Path to Renown is, like Hunt, an FPS game that takes place in the United States during the last years of the 19th century. Unlike Hunt: Showdown, though, it’s aiming for a more grounded sort of experience, featuring a cast of amoral gunslingers with nary a (literal) monster to be found.

Maybe the biggest proof of this is its inclusion of survival elements, like needing to keep the player character rested and fed, but it’s also demonstrated in creator Game Labs’ decision to offer weapons and clothes meant to replicate those found in real history. Aside from the crafting and online economy systems used to facilitate these features, A Twisted Path to Renown sees its players engaging in extraction-focused PvEvP shoot outs alone or with friends in its recreation of the American West.

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A Twisted Path to Renown doesn’t have a concrete launch date set just yet, but it’s planned to come out on Steam later in 2024. Its store page is up right here.

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