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Half-Life style survival game is such a hit the demo is staying live

Inspired by the likes of Half-Life and The Forest, this multiplayer survival game is so popular its developer is extending the Steam demo.

Abiotic Factor Steam demo: A scientist flees in Steam survival game Abiotic Factor

There is no rest for the poor scientific souls trapped in the GATE facility, as the demo for an incredible-looking new survival co-op game gets extended due to popular demand. Like an unofficial Half-Life spin-off, and certainly inspired by the underground lab of Black Mesa, expect bloodthirsty monsters, biological hazards, and accidental comedy. Trapped with your fellow scientists, survival is the name of the game.

Abiotic Factor pits you and five friends against an ever-changing and consistently dangerous environment, with death lingering around every corner. What better place to be trapped during an apocalyptic-style event than a science research lab, right? Wrong. Abiotic Factor is ground zero, the eye of the storm, the end of days. You and your research team are trapped in the lab indefinitely, meaning food, shelter and defence are high on the survival game itinerary.

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As the GATE facility becomes more and more overrun by monsters, soldiers, and biological meltdowns, you must hatch a plan to hang on to the one thing you have left, your life. Tip-toe your way around the laboratories, collect supplies, scrounge for scraps of food, or roll the dice on a trip to the surface. Imagine Half-Life, or its superb remake Black Mesa, but instead of Gordon Freeman or Adrian Shephard, you’re one of the unlucky science team cowering in the vents, subsisting on vending machine candy bars.

Would you risk the bite of a wild beast for a slice of ham? Would you put your life on the line for a scrap of metal? Would you cause a meltdown if it meant staying warm? In this survival co-op game, the decisions are up to you – but the repercussions are also yours to bear. In Abiotic Factor, you need supplies, a base, and weapons – and you need them now.

Originally set to end with the finale of Steam Next Fest, the Abiotic Factor demo has been extended until Sunday February 18. Just head over to Steam and you can sign up and start playing right now.

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