Craft a polygonal martial arts expert in Absolver’s character customisation trailer


Devolver Digital have released a new trailer for their upcoming multiplayer melee-fest Absolver, this time showing off the game’s character customisation. There’s also a surprising amount of lore in it, too.

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The trailer shows off Absolver’s initial character creation, letting you pick basic attributes like gender, race, and hair style, before diving headfirst into the expansive armour system at the heart of the game.

Equipment will be earned through a variety of means, such as beating other players or littered throughout the environment. Each piece will come with its own strengths, weaknesses and weight limits for the sake of player specialisation, however the trailer does specify that aesthetics will also be a large part of your equipment’s makeup as well, rather than it focusing purely on function.

Absolver will launch on August 29. If you want to get a headstart, read our guide on the weapons and powers you’ll be putting to good use.