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Absolver rebalances combat styles and attacks in its latest update

absolver update 1.13 combat styles

Absolver is a game of competitive fisticuffs that’s seen a fair share of updates since its release last year, including everything from lag fixes to the addition of 3v3 battles. The latest update is 1.13, aiming to square out some balance issues and make sure every style is as competitive as it can be.

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The UI’s been enhanced a bit to make it easier to see how your combat style bonuses are factoring in and more detailed info on the exact parameters of each attack. Combat style attribute bonuses have been decreased across the board to make your choices more meaningful, and the whole suite of attacks have been rebalanced to ensure they’re all useful. In an effort to make combat more varied, weapons are now more reliable with increased durability and disarm guages, and the disarm regen.

The developers broke down how the various styles are doing relative to each other in overall win right. Kahlt has the best win ratio at 59%, with Forsaken at 51%, Windfall at 47%, and Stagger at 42%. The non-Forsaken styles have all had a few adjustments to get them closer to that magical 50% mark.

You can check out full details on everything changing in the 1.13 update with the official patch notes. If you’ve missed out so far, find out what makes the game great in our Absolver PC review.