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The creators of The Stanley Parable and Rick and Morty are bringing you more Accounting

accounting plus release date

Coming from the designer of The Stanley Parable and the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Accounting+ is an expanded edition of the VR title Accounting, featuring all the absurdist humor, ridiculous nonsense, and general debauchery you’d expect with that pedigree.

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A collaboration between William Pugh, Justin Roiland, and Dominik Johann, Accounting has proven to be one of the more consistent VR favorites, since it largely eschews things like “gameplay” and “logical sense” in favor of creating an absurdist comedy perfectly suited for VR.

Accounting+ promises to be double the size of the original game, and will release December 19. This version has currently only been confirmed for PlayStation VR, despite the original having been released for the HTC Vive, so hopefully we’ll be seeing it on other platforms soon.

Regardless of where you do your VR gaming, you can certainly enjoy being relentlessly cursed at by a little blob man in the trailer above.