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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown got a brand new choir-backed trailer at Gamescom

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

Up until today, I thought Ace Combat was a grim, realistic military dogfighting game. The sort where there are ten buttons for starting up the plane because it’s an accurate simulator. Turns out, I was wrong: it’s an absurd game about fantasy empires and space elevators. That makes me way more interested. A new trailer for the game was released for Gamecom, you can watch it above.

Ace Combat 7 is on PSVR – no word of it being on a PC VR platform, but here’s the best VR games on PC instead

You might recognise some of the footage from the trailer released during E3 earlier this year, as some of it seems to be from the same cutscenes, but the voiceover is, mostly, different – focusing on Princess Rosa Cossette D’Elise of the Kingdom of Erusea (her full title, got to respect royalty) rather than news broadcasts.

The game is coming out for PC in 2018, although it doesn’t have a Steam page up so you can’t seem to pre-order it yet. Shame – guess you’ll just have to watch that trailer over and over again?