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Acer Predator Rift gaming chair review: Cool and comfortable

The Acer Predator Rift strikes a good blend between comfort, features, price and design that make it a potent midrange contender.

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Our Verdict

The Acer redator Rift is a solidly-built midrange gaming chair that will provide hours of comfort for most, with good lumbar support and lovely armrests, but those with particular needs may need a chair more ergonomic.

Reasons to buy
  • Stylish design
  • Solid construction
  • Very comfortable
Reasons to avoid
  • Only one color option
  • Not breathable

After a long day of work, you don’t want to perch your bottom on an uncomfortable chair as you sit down for a well-earned gaming session. In an office, employers often provide comfortable and ergonomic chairs to prevent discomfort and injury and it shouldn’t be any different for gamers.

The best gaming chairs should be well-suited for home use, and have a lick of paint so they don’t look so corporate. The Acer Predator Rift – the manufacturer’s first foray into chairs – strikes the right blend of all these attributes, with good lumbar and head support, a solid build, and the ability to lean right back all for a fairly reasonable price. It sounds odd for a PC-centric brand to move into furniture, but who better to understand the needs of consumers?

I used the Acer Predator Rift for several weeks of work and play,  often hopping into a game straight after I clocked out for some truly long seated sessions. I found it perfectly comfortable the whole time, but is it the right option for your space?

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The Acer Predator Rift only comes in one material and colorway – black PVC pleather.

Max Load 120kg (265lbs)
Materials PVC pleather, steel frame and base, plastic, high-density mold shaping foam
Seat height 45 – 53cm (17.7 – 20.9 inches)
Materials PVC pleather, steel frame and base, plastic, high-density mold shaping foam
Warranty 2 years
Colors Black with blue accents

Price & Availability

At $299.99 (£299.99), the Acer Predator Rift is more expensive than entry-level gaming chairs but packs enough features at its price point to warrant it. It costs about as much as the Boulies Master Series chair, which we were delighted with during testing.

The Rift is significantly more comfortable for me than the Ikea Matchspel I’ve used before, which is similarly priced in the US at $289. For UK shoppers it’s more complicated as the Matchspel is £150, but the Predator Rift easily feels like twice the chair and is worth the money.

A yet-to-be-assembled computer chair in its individual pieces on the floor


Like most gaming and office chairs, the Acer Predator Rift requires assembly. I managed to do this alone, although I perched it on the couch during the build to keep it stable but allow room for protruding parts. The instructions are plain and clear and overall it took me about 40 minutes to set it up.

There are some sharp edges on some of the plastic panels that did leave a scratch. And while Acer includes some fetching white cotton gloves, they weren’t substantial enough to prevent any harm at all.

A close up image of the PVC pleather material used on a gaming chair


The Acer Predator Rift makes no pretensions of its target audience. The aesthetic is squarely that of gamer-chic, with a tall, curved black body and bright blue accents around the chair’s edges. With a matte rather than gloss PU finish, it’s not as garish as some others, and could just about pass for a comfortable office chair at a push.

There’s little room for customization though. As the chair is only available in one color – where most brands offer at least several colorways – you might find it harder to match it with the rest of your furnishings or decor.

I think the Rift is rather handsome though, with the signature Acer Predator blue piping, stitching, and panels giving it an additional flair that elevates it over your typical office chair. The only logos are on the lumbar and head pillows, and the headrest, so it won’t alienate other members of your household who might want to use it for video calls.

A black and blue gaming chair with detatchable lumbar and neck support


I found the Acer Predator Rift chair to be rather comfortable. The fact that you can lean right back and recline 155° – without feeling like you’re toppling – is great if you need to take a moment’s rest between spreadsheets or gaming. The lumbar support can be slid up and down the chair, offering a good blend of cushioning and resistance – though the depth can’t be changed.

I prefer sitting upright, and the aggressive lumbar pillow did the trick. However, the lack of adjustable seat depth may pose an issue for those with shorter or longer legs. The base was also comfortably plump but firm enough for my back not to sag. I would quite easily manage an eight-hour working day with some gaming in the evening without any issues.

A side view of a gaming chair showing its armrests, paddles, seat and base

Unfortunately, I have spine desiccation (dehydrated cartilage between vertebrae) but the Acer Predator Rift didn’t cause discomfort or pain when using it. The armrests could be slightly wider, but they’re made of a pleasantly dense foam that provides a stable perch for my arms and elbows without causing any uncomfortable pressure. They are adjustable in eight directions, and if you can’t find a good position with that much motion, it’s not the chair’s fault.

The headrest helps maintain the correct posture when you lean back in despair as you struggle to write emails or fumble an AWP shot on mid in Inferno for the eighth round in a row. The PVC pleather does mean however that it can get warm as the material isn’t breathable. I wore shorts over a stint of hot weather and found myself unpleasantly stuck to the Rift fairly quickly.

A plushie sat on a gaming chair at a desk with laptop, CRT monitor and plants

Should you buy the Acer Predator Rift?

  • Yes: If you want a comfortable gaming chair that provides ample support for your perch and lumbar.
  • No: You have specific needs from a chair that require you to dial in the settings just how you like them or live in a hot climate.
The back of a black and blue compuer chair


If you’re unsure about the Acer Predator Rift, here are some similar alternatives we’ve tried and tested.