Best gaming chair in 2023

Looking for your gaming chair to support you and always have your back? We've tested the top brands like Secretlab, Noblechairs, Razer, and more

Best gaming chair: Secretlab seats lined up

The best gaming chair will mean different things to different people. Some of you might prioritise the way it looks to slot it seamlessly into your gaming setup. Others are more focused on ergonmics and fixing their posture. Regardless of why you want a new seat, we’ve picked the cream of the crop that won’t compromise your comfort, so you can take care of your tush as you play PC games for hours on end.

Since we’ve done the legwork – 0r rather put our feet up during testing – it should be far easier for you to select the right chair for you. Keeping in mind that everyone’s a different shape and size, you need to decide whether you want a bucket seat, which flares up and envelopes you, or a more traditional office chair.

Secretlab has an almost endless amount of racing car seat designs based on your favourite games, movies, TV shows, and esports organisations, while Mavix thrones look like they belong on the set of Star Trek. Razer has also entered the game to give Corsair a run for its money, Ikea sticks RGB lights near your head, and who could possibly forget Ikea for a touch of Sweden in your home office? There’s something for everyone, no matter your taste, height, or build.

Here are your options for the best gaming chair in 2023:

The best gaming chair is the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series, seen here in two different sizes

1. Best gaming chair

The best gaming chair comes from the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series.
Expect to pay $549.00 USD / £444.00 GBP.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series specs
Price From $549.00 USD / £444.00 GBP
Maximum weight 90kg (Small) / 100kg (Regular) / 180kg (XL)
Recline 165°
Upholstery Leatherette / Fabric / NAPA Leather
Warranty 3-5 years


  • High build quality
  • Wide variety of designs and materials to choose from
  • Available in three sizes to accomodate different heights and weights


  • Expensive base price
  • Can quickly become more costly through customisation

There are so many materials and videogame-inspired designs to choose from among the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series, you’re basically guaranteed to find a throne that’s both comfortable and suits your aesthetics perfectly. Our favourite of the bunch is one based on The Witcher, but there are other options available covered in other games, movies, and esports.

They’re entirely adjustable, from the integrated lumbar support to the memory foam head cushion, full-metal 4D armrests, and full-tilt mechanism that lets you lock the chair into your perfect position. These seats are plenty reliable too and are covered by a three-year warranty, which you can extend by another two years just by posting a photo of your new chair online. You can easily pair them with one of the best gaming desk options on the market too, the Secretlab Magnus, if you fancy taking your setup to the next level.

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The best cheap gaming chair is the Ikea Huvudspelare

2. Best cheap gaming chair

The best cheap gaming chair is the Ikea Huvudspelare.
Expect to pay $89.99 USD / £60.00 GBP.

Ikea Huvudspelare specs
Price $89.99 USD / £60.00 GBP
Maximum weight 110kg
Recline N/A
Upholstery Polyester mesh
Warranty 1 year





  • Less than $100 USD / £100 GBP
  • Matches well with other Ikea gaming products


  • Extremely basic design
  • Partially exposed metal frame may prove uncomfortable for some

That’s right, Ikea is in the gaming scene now! Coming in at $90 USD / £60 GBP, the Huvudspelare is one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a supportive seat that won’t break the bank. Naturally, it lacks many of the features you’ll find on more premium perches, but its breathable mesh material and adjustability should do plenty to keep you comfortable.

We think the small splashes of colour that coat the Huvudspelare’s arms and wheels help elevate it above a standard office seat, without falling into the overly loud world of racing chair designs. It’s also larger than most budget perches, most of which usually only cater to light, short term use.

The best Razer gaming chair is the Razer Iskur

3. Best Razer gaming chair

The best Razer gaming chair is the Razer Iskur.
Expect to pay $500.00 USD / £500.00 GBP.

Razer Iskur specs Razer Iskur XL specs
Price $499.00 USD / £499.99 GBP $599.00 USD / £599.99 GBP
Maximum weight 136kg 180kg
Recline 139° 139°
Upholstery PVC Leather / Fabric PVC Leather / Fabric
Warranty 3 years 3 years


  • Wonderfully comfortable
  • Versatile lumbar support


  • Standard model seatbase can feel narrow
  • XL version costs $100 / £100 more

Razer is renowned for producing some of the best gaming keyboards, and this celebrated level of build quality can also be found in the Razer Iskur. Its built-in lumbar support system is better than the cushions you’ll find on almost any other seat and it’ll keep your posture correct no matter what seating position you take up.

Memory foam seat cushion and thick padding throughout bolster its comfiness and its extensive adjustability means that this throne can quickly adapt to how you want to be sat, whether that’s reclined, leaning forward, or upright. Costing just shy of $500 USD / £500 GBP, every penny feels well spent when you’re sat in the Iskur.

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The best office chair for gaming is the Neuechair

4. Best office chair for gaming

The best office chair for gaming is the Neuechair.
Expect to pay $649.00 USD / £574.00 GBP.

Neuechair specs
Price From $649.00 USD / £574.00 GBP
Maximum weight 109kg
Recline 130°
Upholstery Three-layer polyester mesh
Warranty 3-12 years


  • Secretlab quality with a more professional look
  • Very breathable three-layer polyester mesh material
  • Up to 12 year warranty


  • High quality construction comes at a high price

As a subsidiary of Secretlab, Neuechair craft office chairs that boast the same level of craftsmanship found in its parent company’s gaming offerings. Built on an aluminium frame and wheelbase covered in a bespoke three-layer polyester mesh, there’s no denying that it’s both sturdy and comfortable.

You can adjust the height of the Neuechair’s armrests, as well as the depth of its seat and built-in lumbar support, meaning the chair should accommodate a wide variety of seating preferences. It’s built to last too, with warranties that range between three and 12 years.


The best ergonomic gaming chair is the Mavix M9, seen here with a protruding head rest, black body, and blue mesh lumbar support

4. Best ergonomic gaming chair

The best ergonomic gaming chair is the Mavix M9.
Expect to pay $1,099.99 USD / £983.99 GBP.

Mavix M9 specs
Price $1,099.99 USD / £983.99 GBP
Maximum weight 109kg
Recline 130°
Upholstery ATR fabric and M-Breeze leather
Warranty 12 years


  • The best lumbar support around bar none
  • Lockable rubber wheels instead of standard caster
  • Can be upgraded with Elemax attachement


  • Undenidably steep price tag
  • Arms can rattle

Mavix offers a range of office chairs that are much more understated than the racing-style bucket seats we’re used to seeing, but keeps that modern flair – we’d go as far as to say it even looks a little futuristic. The M9 sits at the top of the range, placing itself as an alternative to Herman Miller with almost unrivalled adjustability and breathability.

You can tinker with the height of the back and headrest independently, as well as the depth of the chair, the position of the 4D armrests, lumbar support, and a 150 degrees recline. Its rollerblade-like M-Wheels glide smoother than plastic alternatives, but don’t worry, you can lock them in place if you’re on a hard floor. And if anything goes wrong, you have a 12-year warranty to fall back on, which is more than any other chair here.

The most comfortable gaming chair is the Razer Enki Pro

5. Most comfortable gaming chair

The most comfortable gaming chair is the Razer Enki Pro.
Expect to pay $999.00 USD / £999.00 GBP.

Razer Enki Pro specs
Price $999.99 USD / £999.99 GBP
Maximum weight 136kg
Recline 152°
Upholstery EPU synthetic leather and Alcantara
Warranty 3 years


  • Magnetic memory foam head cushion included as standard
  • Robust cushioning on the backrest and seatbase


  • Costs almost as much as a mid-range gaming PC
  • Construction can be finicky

If you’re someone who prioritises comfort above all, price be damned, the Razer Enki Pro could be just what you need. A cozy combination of plush Alcantara and durable leatherette give this seat a truly premium feel, making you feel as all thrones should: like royalty.

The Razer Enki Pro has quite literally got your back when it comes to supporting you during gaming marathons, with a built-in lumbar arch and dual-density cushioned backrest to maintain good posture and reduce fatigue. It’s a got a detachable magnetic headrest too, which should make kicking back with its 152° recline all the more luxurious after a long day.

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The best Corsair gaming chair is the Corsair TC200, seen here in white and black models in front of a gaming PC setup

5. Best Corsair gaming chair

The best Corsair gaming chair is the Corsair TC200.
Expect to pay $399.99 USD / £349.99 GBP.

Corsair TC200 specs
Price $399.99 USD / £349.99 GBP
Maximum weight 121kg
Recline 180°
Upholstery Leatherette / Fabric
Warranty 2 years


  • Attractive price point
  • Subtle in its style
  • 180° recline


  • Armrests can be somewhat stiff to move
  • Lumbar support isn’t adjustable

While Corsair is perhaps best known for its gaming RAM and other PC hardware, the high level of build quality found on the TC200 makes you think they’ve been making chairs for just as long. In fact, this seat gives its more expensive competitors a run for their money, offering incredible value at a more digestible price point.

Everything you could want from a premium seat is here, including adjustable 4D armrests, built-in lumbar support, and it can even recline a whole 180°. The company says it’s built the TC200 based on community feedback it received on its T3 Rush chairs, widening the seatbase to 39.5cm and bringing its maximum height up to 59cm. We also think it boasts a much nicer design than its predecessor too, particularly the white fabric model.

The best big and tall gaming chair is the Noblechairs Hero, seen here sitting in front of a white background

6. Best big and tall gaming chair

The best big and tall gaming chair is the Noblechairs Hero.
Expect to pay $549.00 USD / £364.99 GBP.

Noblechairs Hero specs
Price From $549.00 USD / £364.99 GBP
Maximum weight 150kg
Recline 125°
Upholstery Leatherette / Leather / Fabric
Warranty 2 years


  • 52cm seatbase
  • Can support heights of up to 200cm
  • Real leather option available


  • Warranty isn’t as long as some competitors

Looking for a seat to spread out across and simply sink into? The Noblechairs Hero can easily accommodate a wide variety of posteriors, supporting a maximum weight of up to 150kg and heights of up to 200cm. Head and lumbar cushions are also provided, alongside fully adjustable 4D armrests for optimal wrist comfort.

It comes in a variety of materials too, and not just your usual assortment of fabric and leatherette either, with it being one of the few options on the market to boast real leather models for those that can afford the premium. In fact, the Noblechairs Hero comes in significantly cheaper than the leather version of the Secretlab Titan, while still offering most of the same features, making it a great alternative.

The best cheap office chair for gaming is the Ikea Markus

7. Best cheap office chair for gaming

The best cheap office chair for gaming is the Ikea Markus.
Expect to pay $269.00 USD / £179.00 GBP.

Ikea Markus specs
Price $269.00 USD / £179.00 GBP
Maximum weight 110kg
Recline N/A
Upholstery PU Leather and polyester mesh
Warranty 10 years


  • PU leather and polyester mesh provide good comfort and support
  • Professional styling
  • 10 year warranty


  • Backrest can’t independently recline

We won’t judge if you’re not one for the gamer aesthetic. After all, not everyone wants to look like they’re sat at the starting grid of Silverstone. But that doesn’t mean you can compromise on comfort with long sessions of gaming or productivity. The Ikea Markus office chair is a great alternative, with supreme comfort, adjustability, and it costs less than many of its counterparts.

It’s PU leather on the base and headrest, mixed with a mesh back and built-in lumbar cushion, giving great breathability during hot weather. The high back means it’s perfect for taller people, too. There’s also adjustability for height and recline, but not for the armrests – although they’re padded nicely for comfort. Purchasing the Markus nets you a 10-year guarantee. It’s always reassuring to have an expensive purchase like this protected for this many years.

Best gaming chair: Vertagear. Image shows a gaming chair with LED lighting.

8. Flashiest gaming chair

The best RGB gaming chair is the Vertagear PL4800.
Expect to pay around $809.98 USD / €809 EUR.

Vertagear PL4800 specs
Price $809 USD / €809 EUR (when paired with RGB kit)
Maximum weight 163kg
Recline 140°
Upholstery PUC Leather
Warranty 2-10 years


  • Easy to assemble thanks to “slide-in” design
  • Good range of colour accents available
  • One of the only options on the market to offer RGB LEDs


  • RGB upgrade kit costs almost as much as the chair itself

Vertagear’s PL4500 as standard looks like any other gaming model, but combine it with the optional RGB lighting kit – available for both the headrest and wheel legs, each costing an extra $300 / €300 – and it’s one of the most noticeable seats you can get your hands on. These lights can be synced with your computer’s audio or what’s on your screen to further immerse yourself when playing games in a dark room… or, you know, just to show off. It’s the perfect way to top off your streaming setup, if you’ve already invested in the best gaming microphone.

The chair itself is pretty solid, with good support from the included head and lumbar cushions, plenty of adjustment in the armrests and recline, and durable PU leather and high-density padding throughout. Using the signature ContourMax™ and VertaAir™ features, the chair even molds itself based on how a person sits, ensuring that they are always as comfortable as possible, as well as receiving the maximum amount of ergonomic support.