Best gaming chair 2021 – the top chairs to perch your posterior on

Whether you're after comfort, adjustability, back support, or aesthetics, there's a gaming chair for you

A man sits on the Razer Iskur gaming chair, playing Dota 2 with the logo on the screen for some reason

If you haven’t already made the switch from your battered old folding seat to a fully featured gaming chair, now is the time to do your back a favour and take the leap. But with more gaming chairs to choose from than ever and each one representing a significant investment, where should you start?

When you think of a gaming chair, you probably picture a racing-style bucket seat. This is all because DXRacer, a well-known American company in the gaming chair space, began the trend in 2006 when automobile sales took a nosedive and it made up for a loss of earnings by repurposing sports car seats into office chairs. Popularity then grew as they became a staple in the setups of streamers and esports players, and it’s not hard to see why, with great back support, comfort, and extensive adjustability.

Bucket seats aren’t the only style of gaming chair you can choose from nowadays, though, and with more people working and playing games from home right now, long periods at the best gaming desk make back health more important than ever. Plus, let’s not forget, they just look cool too, and with crazy designs like Noblechairs’ Elder Scrolls-themed gaming chair, the possibilities are endless.

Our roundup has a chair for every budget, and we’ve taken into account build quality, comfort, ergonomics, and design. These are the top gaming chairs to buy in 2021:

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secretlab omega/titan

The best gaming chair comes from Secretlab’s Omega and Titan range.

Both the Secretlab Omega and Titan are the best gaming chairs, with the only difference being the latter is slight larger and can hold extra weight. From the material to the many, many esports, movie, and game-led designs, there’s plenty of choice across both – out favourite being the League of Legends themed chair, with its striking red colour scheme.

These chairs start at $379 / £314 for the Omega and $419 / £364 for the Titan, although it’s worth paying a little extra for a fabric or themed option if one takes your fancy. They’re entirely adjustable from the integrated lumbar support to the memory foam head cushion, padded armrests, and full-tilt mechanism that lets you lock the chair into your perfect position. It can even reach an almost horizontal recline, although we’re not sure how helpful that is for gaming.

Don’t expect it to fall apart anytime soon, either, with metal mechanisms in the adjustable armrests instead of plastic, an aluminium wheel base, and a standard three-year warranty. You can even extend this to a five-year warranty for free, just by posting a photo of your new chair online.

Secretlab Omega specs Secretlab Titan specs
Price From $379 / £314 From $419 / £364
Maximum weight 110kg 130kg
Recline 85-165° 85-165°
Upholstery PU Leather/Fabric/Nappa Leather PU Leather/Fabric/Nappa Leather
Warranty 5 years 5 years

Secretlab Omega / Titan Secretlab Omega / Titan Secretlab Omega / Titan Secretlab From $379/£314 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

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Mavix M9

The most adjustable gaming chair is the Mavix M9.

Mavix offers a range of office chairs that are much more understated than the racing style bucket seats we’re used to seeing, but keeps that modern flair – we’d go as far as to say it even looks a little futuristic.

The M9 sits at the top of the range, placing itself as an alternative to Herman Miller with almost unrivalled adjustability and breathability. You can tinker with the height of the back and head rest independently, as well as the depth of the chair, the position of the 4D armrests and lumbar support, and it can recline up to 150 degrees. Its rollerblade-like M-Wheels glide smoother than plastic alternatives, but don’t worry, you can lock them in place if you’re on a hard floor. And if anything goes wrong, you have a 12-year warranty to fall back on, which is more than any other chair here.

For the height of luxury, Mavix also makes an optional Elemax add-on, which slots into the lumbar support and cools you, warms you up, or gives you a massage. It’ll cost you an extra $160, but you can save some money if you grab an M5 or M7 instead as it’s compatible with all Mavix models.

Mavix M9 specs
Price $999.99
Maximum weight 136kg
Recline 90-150°
Upholstery Mix of ATR fabric and M-Breeze leather
Warranty 12 years

Mavix M9 Mavix M9 Mavix M9 Mavix $999.99 View

Mavix M7 Mavix M7 Mavix M7 Mavix $777.77 View

Mavix M5 Mavix M5 Mavix M5 Mavix $555.55 View

Mavix Elemax add-on Mavix Elemax add-on Mavix Elemax add-on Mavix $159.99 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

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razer iskur

The most comfortable gaming chair is the Razer Iskur.

If you’re looking for the best ergonomics in a gaming chair then the Razer Iskur is worth checking out – especially if you spend hours on end at your desk each day for work and gaming. It’s got a lumbar support system that’s better than the cushions you’ll find on any other gaming chair, with lots of extension to keep your posture correct no matter what seating position you take up. This comfort also comes courtesy of the memory foam seat cushion and thick padding throughout the seat.

Its extensive adjustability means that this throne can quickly adapt to how you want to be sat, whether that’s reclined, leaning forward, or upright. It’s a handsome chair, too, and we think the rather unusual lack of RGB, unlike Razer’s best gaming keyboard, is for the better. When you’re dropping this kind of money, you want your purchase to feel worth it, and the Iskur definitely feels like a $500 chair with build quality being on point. All in all, it’s a brilliant first foray into the gaming chair market for Razer.

Razer Iskur specs
Price $499 / £499
Maximum weight 136kg
Recline 90-135°
Upholstery PVC Leather
Warranty 3 years

Razer Iskur Razer Iskur Razer Iskur Razer Store $500/£500 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

Read the PCGamesN Razer Iskur review for our full verdict and score.

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noblechairs epic real leather

The premium gaming chair of our choice is the Noblechairs Epic Real Leather.

Looking for the most luxurious gaming chair? Noblechairs’ Epic with real leather is the top choice here at $599 / £489, featuring great breathability and comfort. The all-black colour scheme makes it look like it’s been taken straight out of a sports car, but there’s also an alternative black and white design to choose if you wanted to spruce things up.

Head and lumbar cushions are also provided, alongside fully adjustable 4D armrests for optimal wrist comfort. Noblechairs’ Epic with real leather was a strong contender for the best gaming chair, but the lack of built-in lumbar support and a lower weight rating of 120kg gave the Secretlab Titan the crown. Still, if you want a luxurious gaming chair with a premium feel, this comes in significantly cheaper than the leather version of the Titan, while still offering most of the same features.

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather specs
Price $599 / £489
Maximum weight 120kg
Recline 90-135°
Upholstery Genuine Leather
Warranty 2 years

Noblechairs Epic (Real Leather) Noblechairs Epic (Real Leather) Noblechairs Epic (Real Leather) Noblechairs $600/£536 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

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gt omega pro

The best budget gaming chair is the GT Omega Pro.

If you’re in the market for a cheaper seat that’s still a big step up in comfort and aesthetic from your tattered old office chair, the GT Omega Pro is the best budget option available at $239 / £189. It’s been our default low-cost option for years, and has accumulated an extensive array of colour options over time, too.

Like some of the more expensive alternatives here, you get head and lumbar cushions, a fully reclining back, adjustable armrests, and the same 120kg weight rating as the Noblechairs Epic. However, at this price, you’ll have to do without integrated lumbar support. Genuine leather is also, of course, out the question at this price, with PVC leather used instead. Add in a three-year warranty, and this is what makes the GT Omega Pro our favourite budget gaming chair.

GT Omega Pro specs
Price $239 / £189
Maximum weight 120kg
Recline 10-160°
Upholstery PU Leather
Warranty 3 years

GT Omega Pro GT Omega Pro GT Omega Pro Amazon $250/£180 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

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ikea markus

The best cheap office chair for gaming is the Ikea Markus.

We won’t judge if you’re not one for the gamer aesthetic. After all, not everyone wants to look like they’re sat at the starting grid of Silverstone. But that doesn’t mean you can compromise on comfort with long sessions of gaming or productivity. The IKEA Markus office chair is a great alternative to gaming chairs with supreme comfort and adjustability, and it costs about the same as the GT Omega Pro at $229 / £179.

It’s PU leather on the base and headrest, mixed with a mesh back and built-in lumbar cushion, giving great breathability during hot weather. The high back means it’s perfect for taller people, too. There’s also adjustability for height and recline, but not for the armrests – although they’re padded nicely for comfort. Purchasing the Markus nets you a 10-year guarantee. It’s always reassuring to have an expensive purchase like this protected for this many years.

IKEA Markus specs
Price $229 / £179
Maximum weight 110kg
Recline Yes
Upholstery PU Leather
Warranty 10 years

Ikea Markus Ikea Markus Ikea Markus Ikea $229/£179 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

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Vertagear PL4500

The flashiest gaming chair is the Vertagear PL4500, when combined with the RGB LED kit.

Vertagear’s PL4500 as standard looks like any other gaming chair, but combine it with the optional RGB lighting kit – available for both the headrest and wheel legs, each costing an extra $300 / €300 – and it’s one of the most noticeable gaming chairs you can get your hands on. These lights can be synced with your computer’s audio or what’s on your screen to further immerse yourself when playing games in a dark room… or, you know, just to show off. It’s the perfect way to top off your streaming setup, if you’ve already invested in the best gaming microphone.

The chair itself is pretty solid, with good support from the included head and lumbar cushions, plenty of adjustment in the armrests and recline, and durable PU leather and high density padding throughout.

Check out Vertagear’s PL4500 chair here.

Vertagear PL4500 specs
Price $789 / €739 (when paired with RGB kit)
Maximum weight 100kg
Recline 80-140°
Upholstery PU Leather
Warranty 2 years

Vertagear PL4500 Vertagear PL4500 Vertagear PL4500 Vertagear $490/€440 View Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales

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best gaming chair deals

If you’re looking for a gaming chair but want one with a heavy discount to get your money’s worth, there are two great seats discounted right now.

In the US you can take just short of $36 off the AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide, for a lower price of $333. This is a little wider than other chairs on the list, perfect if you want a little room to wriggle about in. It’s also got 3D armrests, and head and lumbar cushions included.

In the UK, the Trust Gaming GXT 707G chair has a £30 reduction, bringing the price down to £169.99 from £199.99.

Best gaming chair deal View Best gaming chair deal View

are gaming chairs worth it?

If you’re looking for a seat that matches the gamer aesthetic of the best gaming mouse, then a dedicated gaming chair is perfect. Just make sure you’re looking for the best ergonomics, ensuring the chair encourages good posture to avoid any back problems further down the line. For the ultimate comfort, we’d go for the Razer Iskur or the Secretlab Titan.

If you don’t care for a flashy chair, the Ikea Markus is just as comfortable as the other gaming chairs on this list, but keeps a minimalist design that won’t look out of place in any room. On the other hand, the Vertagear PL4500 with the RGB lighting upgrade kit will be sure to get people in your video calls talking.

There are a few careful considerations to make when choosing the best gaming chair for you, especially when you’re likely dropping a considerate sum of money. If you’re choosing any of the chairs listed here, then the build quality aspect is covered already; but if you go for a cheaper, lesser-known brand, make sure to check customer reviews carefully.

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