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Co-op roguelike gets new DLC, and only one player needs to buy it

Co-op roguelike deckbuilder Across the Obelisk launches two new expansion packs, featuring a new hero and an additional story campaign.

Co-op roguelike deckbuilder Across the Obelisk launches big update and two new DLC packs - New hero Nenukil, a dwarven engineer with a large, orange beard.

Blending the roguelike deckbuilder stylings so beloved in games like Slay the Spire, Cobalt Core, and most recently Balatro with four-person dungeon crawling reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon, Across the Obelisk is a very satisfying challenger in the space – and one of the few to offer co-op with up to four players collaborating online. Now, a new pair of expansions have arrived, bringing a new hero character and another story campaign to the card game on Steam.

Part of the Paradox Arc indie initiative from the Stellaris and Cities Skylines 2 publisher, Across the Obelisk comes from developer Dreamsite Games, which has just released its big 1.4 update alongside the launch of these new DLC packs. The update brings plenty of additions to the roguelike game for all players, including new events in all the zones, a new card for each class, four additional items, reworked sound design (with the option to switch back to the old version if you prefer it), and a host of balance tweaks and bug fixes.

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Alongside that comes the two new expansion packs. The first is Nenukil, the Engineer. This dwarf is an adaptable Scout that is accompanied by a trusty robot companion. Nenukil himself can be specialized into either damage-dealing or defensive options as you prefer, while his pet is capable of stripping away troublesome enemy abilities such as taunt. The pack also includes additional skins, new themed card backs, five emotes, and custom replies during in-game events to help flesh out his story.

The Obsidian Uprising DLC, meanwhile, is a story pack that where your party is thrown through a rift that sends them back in time 30 years to the eponymous revolution in the dwarven city of Black Forge. You’ll encounter young versions of the heroes you already know and love as you explore the city, and you’ll also uncover a new robot pet that you can build into a total of 25 different combinations as you see fit.

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Even better, only one person needs to own the Obsidian Uprising DLC to bring a full party of four friends along on the new adventure. You’ll also get a new card back, four items exclusive to the new campaign, and seven steampunk-styled skins to suit out your characters for their next outing.

Across the Obelisk update 1.4 is out now, alongside new DLC packs Nenukil the Engineer and The Obsidian Uprising. You can buy each of them separately, with both priced at $4.99/£4.29. If you’ve yet to pick up the full game, there’s also a 50% discount on the base version through Thursday May 23, so expect to pay just $9.99/£8.37 for your copy – or snag the complete bundle including all previous expansion packs for 41% off ($40.88/£34.65).

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