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Action! Valve start the run up to the second Saxxy awards


So, you’ve got up to your elbows in the Source Film Maker, you’ve got the voice of a god trapped in your larynx, and a quill all of your own, how can you best combine these without someway injuring yourself? Well, it’s gotta be the Saxxys. Yes, Valve’s movie-making competition is back and it’s going to start taking submissions soon.

This year’s categories are:

  • Best Action
  • Best Drama
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Original Universe
  • Best Overall

Personally, I’d say we already have action and comedy covered but I guess we’re going to have to go through the motions of due process. So, if you feel that you can raise the bar keep these basic rulesin mind:

  • Entries must be no longer than five minutes.
  • Each entry must be at least 720p.
  • All entries must be submitted using the Source Filmmaker’s upload to YouTube™ and Steam Community menu option.
  • Only entries submitted between Nov. 1, 12:00 AM and Nov. 15, 12:00 AM GMT will be considered.
  • Voting begins Nov. 16.
  • Winners, selected by Valve from the community-chosen nominees, will be announced by Dec. 31, 2012
  • All co-creators must be finalized by submission deadline to be considered.
  • You are free to use any Valve IP.
  • If you use any non-Valve IP, you must be the copyright owner or have explicit permission from the owner.
  • Multiple submissions per person are fine.
  • Submissions must be free of advertisements.

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