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ADR1FT release date announced, will drift in with the Oculus on March 28th

Spooky space exploration, running-out-of-air simulator ADR1FT is one of the more interesting Oculus Rift launch titles. In it you play an astronaut exploring a very-destroyed space station, picking up hints as to what happened, trying to keep breathing and generally having a nose about. You know, only in space, thousands of miles above the Earth. It looks like a very particular definition of fun and now it has a release date.

Boldly go where no-one has gone before and play the best space games ever.

Creator Adam Orth revealed on Twitter that it would be launching (like a rocket, into space, get it?) on March 28th:

It's certainly one of the few games I'd like to take a shot at in VR that I'm also interested in playing in general. Between it and Fullbright's Tacoma, there should be plenty of intriguing space-mysteries to wander around this year. ADR1FT is a little more on the sinister side, as you'll see in the below trailer from late last year.

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If you're getting a Rift (is anyone?), will this be your first play?

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2 Years ago

Pretty excited for this, being a fan of VR I can already see this game will be something to experience, much of my VR enjoyment has come from looking a 360 degree pictures and video there is a point where I forget I'm in the real world. So that being said I'm really excited to drift out into space and just stare at the planet, I hope this game will add future updates and planets that would be awesome.

I'm so pumped to play VR space/racing games I will pay whatever they are asking. VR Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen is something you just have to experience. Project Cars is also amazing in VR.