Tacoma: Fullbright explores the future in microgravity


Gone Home developer Fullbright announced their latest project, Tacoma, at the Game Awards last week – you can see the lovely trailer in our Game Awards trailer holding cell – but the teaser revealed few details beyond the game’s space setting. 

Fullbright’s spilled the beans on the studio’s blog, though. “What mysteries await you, 200,000 miles from Earth? Who is exploring Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma? And what happened here?”

Tacoma’s been in development since May, and is set on the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, floating in space at Lagrange Point 1 between our moon and Earth.

“The challenge with a second title is to give yourself new, big problems to solve,” the developer explains. “And for us, solving the problems of how story exploration gameplay works in microgravity, what kind of near-future timeline might lead to the existence of Tacoma Station, what this imagined place looks like, what the daily lives of its inhabitants might be like… it’s new and invigorating territory for us all to explore together as developers here at Fullbright. ”

Fullbright’s keeping more details close to its chest, but future updates on the blog will offer spoiler-free glimpses of the game and its development over the next few months.