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Win a copy of musical, cooperative action-RPG AereA! We have 50 Steam keys up for grabs


You don’t need to have learned how to play a musical instrument before you play AereA, but it might help. It’s a new action-RPG with a music theme. What that means is its knight isn’t your regular steel-armored chap – they’re a Cello-Knight. There’s also a Harp-Archer, a Lute-Mage, and Trumpet-Gunner. This really is a band of adventurers.

Whether you’re rocking by yourself alongside three AI companions, or have invited friends round for up to four-player co-op, your goal in AereA is the same. The idea is to explore a floating island called Aezir that has been broken into several pieces. Your mission is to find the the nine primordial instruments to restore balance to the world.

You can expect to encounter a range of challenges along the way: quests, puzzles, and big bosses to battle for starters. Success will grant you a new piece of information about Aezir, unveiling its secrets, leading you to perhaps find out what threw it into disarray into the first place. AereA is the first in a planned series of games that take place in this universe so if you’re into your lore then you’ll want to dive right into this one, and can expect years of storylines to keep you intrigued.

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