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Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 game list released – here’s the PC highlights

Games Done Quick

Because it’s somehow now late 2016, the list of games for next year’s annual speedrunning marathon AGDQ has been released. As always, a huge number of talented players will gather for a week-long batch of play sessions at classic and modern games alike. It’s usually worth a watch, even if you just catch a few of your favourite games looking a tenth of their normal length. Here’s some picks for what will be worth catch this year.

Some of the very best PC games of all time here.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls speedruns are always a joy to watch, at least the first time. Generally individual tricks cut run time down by a humongous amount, but some of the strats used to be able to beat bosses at very low levels are genius. Dark Souls 3 particularly has an incredibly glitchy way of defeating late-boss Aldrich that involves hitting its buried tail while being out of bounds in the ground yourself.

Doom (2016)

Best FPS Games on PC

Well, it was built for it, wasn’t it? At an hour and fifteen estimated finish time, expect a little bit of out-of-bounds trickery along with fast, brutal play, but I doubt all the demons will get out safe. The runner, Blood_Thunder, was easily the best in the world around the launch of the game and currently holds the world second place at just over 50 minutes.

Half-Life: Blue Shift

Half-Life Blue Shift

Speedrunning rule: watch Half-Life games. Every iteration of Valve’s most famous franchise has provided incredible entertainment when played fast. It hits the perfect mix of extreme skill, great spectacle and bugs, bugs, bugs. It’s rare a GDQ event will pass without a Half-Life game on the roster and for good reason.


Quake 1: the last great Romero shooter.

The original and one of the best, Quake is why speedrunning exists in the form it does today. It’s immensely short due to the number of improvements that have been made to the runs over the years. It’s now a bit of a masterpiece, a game refined to its quickest possible route. Do watch.

Absolutely loads more over on the official game list, which will turn into a proper schedule fairly soon. Then you’ll know when to watch.