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ADGQ 2019 raised another record-breaking amount for charity

Awesome Games Done Quick came to an end yesterday, having raised another record-breaking amount for charity

Awesome Games Done Quick has drawn to a close for another year. The annual speedrunning extravaganza came to an end last night, raising a total of just under $2.4 million (£1.87 million) for charity, after another week of glitches and Any% runs.

The tournament kicked off with a Hollow Knight run back on January 6. Over the course of the week, speedrunners took on more than 130 games, with attempts ranging from a Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Any% run to an All Bosses take on Dark Souls III. There was even a nod to 1989 Japanese-exclusive classic title Garfield: A week of Garfield.

The week drew to a close with a reverse boss order Super Metroid run, but not before a particularly lucrative attempt at Super Mario Odyssey. The penultimate run helped AGDQ 2019 break the previous year’s record once again – at time of writing, the donation total sits at $2,399,120, up from both AGDQ 2018’s total and the $2.17 million raised during Summer Games Done Quick, which took place in June.

Money raised last week will go towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation, one of the USA’s leading voluntary health organisations, focused on cancer prevention and early detection. You can still donate via the GamesDoneQuick website.

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If you’re jonesing for more speedrunning action, then you can head to the GamesDoneQuick Twitch channel to view footage of each run. If that’s not enough, sadly you’ll need to wait a few months for Summer Games Done Quick later this year.