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Hades, Left 4 Dead 2, Warcraft 3, and more hit the AGDQ 2021 schedule

The AGDQ 2021 games list has arrived


A new year is coming around the bend, and while it still remains to be seen if the new calendar’s symbolic light of hope is justified, we do have at least one unequivocal positive for January: the return of Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual charity speedrunning event. The organisers of GDQ have unveiled the full list of games for January’s event, and as always there’s some very fun stuff.

AGDQ 2021 will start on January 3 and run through January 10, and as always will support the Prevent Cancer Foundation. As with SGDQ 2020, this will be an online event hosted remotely, as each runner broadcasts their streams from home. Despite the format change, SGDQ 2020 was still quite successful – the second-biggest funding number in the summer event’s history – so hopefully AGDQ will follow suit.

The current games list includes things like an all weapons run of Hades, Last Stand and main campaign runs of Left 4 Dead 2, and a Night Elf run through proper, original Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. We’re also going to get a full co-op run of Diablo 3, which should be great at making the wait for the Diablo 4 release date even more insufferable.

You can see the full games list over on the official site.

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We’re still two months out from the start of the event, so we don’t yet know how the runs will be scheduled, and everything is, of course, subject to change.