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Age of Mythology's long-awaited expansion Tale of the Dragon is out now

Tale of the Dragon

I wrote about Age of Mythology getting an expansion 13 years after its original release some time ago, and now it's out. Funny how that works, huh?

If you look back on the Age of Empire games fondly, you'll probably enjoy the rest of the titles in our picks of the best strategy games on PC.

Age of Mythology's expansion, Tale of the Dragon, is £6.99 on Steam, but it's getting a mixed response so far. According to the Steam reviews, it's more of a mod than expansion, and it also reuses assets from over a decade ago. 

Some reviews say the expansion is broken, buggy, and basically a bit of a mess. Even many of the positive reviews note its flaws, so it might be worth holding off for a while before buying it. Good things come to those who wait, eh?

To be fair, you've already waited over a decade, so what's a while more? Tale of the Dragon introduces a new civilisation, the Chinese, along with their own 12 god pantheon and a full campaign, when it works properly.

If you do decide to pick up the expansion despite the risk, it's worth noting that you need the base game for it to work.

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Segur avatar
Segur Avatar
2 Years ago

The expansion is actually really excellent.

Full disclosure, I've had a few crashes and I have no idea how the balance plays out against players (I played with a bunch of friends against AI), but it seems relatively balanced. I have not tried the Chinese campaign though people have told me it can be cringey.

Overall the Chinese add a ton of fun to an aging game and they have a variety of unique abilities which makes them very different from the existing factions (such as gardens generating mana). It was well worth the price for me, though I wasn't expecting much more than nostalgia. I ended up with an engaging RTS that stands up fairly well to today's games; in terms of gameplay. The game also has workshop support and the first thing I downloaded was an enhanced texture pack which made it look a lot better. Keep in mind that many of the more expansive mods are not yet compatible with Tale of the Dragon.