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9/10 strategy game from Stellaris publisher gets big update, discount

Age of Wonders 4, the acclaimed 4X strategy game from the publishers of Stellaris and Crusader Kings, has a big new update and discount.

Paradox strategy game gets big update and DLC: A woman with a glowing eye from Age of Wonders 4.

When Age of Wonders 4 came out last year, we awarded it a 9/10 score and called the sequel to the long-running strategy series “a marvel of customization” and one of 2023’s “must-play games.” Created by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, the company behind strategy heavyweights like Crusader Kings 3, Stellaris, and Victoria 3, Age of Wonders 4 continues to introduce clever new design elements to its fantasy take on 4X games. Fortunately, its creators are still working hard on the game, having now launched the huge new Wolf Update and Primal Fury DLC.

The strategy game‘s free Wolf Update brings plenty of changes, big and small, to Age of Wonders 4. These include new systems like War Bounties, which provide rewards for taking down a marked ruler, and overhauls and expansions to the game’s hero recruitment, necromancy, and Pantheon features. There are also plenty of tweaks to other game elements, like the Item Forge, faction creation, and more.

The paid Primal Fury DLC adds extra new features to go along with the update. Highlights of the DLC include two new forms, Lupine and Goatkin, the introduction of the Primal culture and Stormwreathed Isles realm, and several new rulers, mounts, wildlife unit types, and banner emblems.

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Age of Wonders 4’s base game is on sale now for 30% off (or $34.99 USD/£29.39). The Primal Fury DLC alone is $9.99 USD/£8.49. You can grab a copy of either or both right here.

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