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Airplane Mode simulates a six-hour flight in real time - as a passenger

This is a whole new kind of flight simulator

There have been loads of flight simulators over the years, but those games are pretty much universally about donning the pilot’s cap and controlling a plane for yourself. Boring! It’s 2019, and videogame technology has finally advanced to the point where we can finally enjoy the experience we’ve always clamored for: a real-time simulation of being a flight passenger.

Airplane Mode is set to take off next year, and it’ll fully simulate a six-hour transatlantic flight. You can read a book out of your carry-on bag. You can order meal service. You can enjoy inflight entertainment (made up of public domain films). You can enjoy random events, such as “delays” and “bad wifi.”

The game is the product of indie developer Hosni Auji, and will be published by AMC Games (yes, AMC apparently has a games division now). If you want to see more, Airplane Mode will appropriately be showcased during the Desert Bus for Hope charity stream next week – where players spend hours driving a bus across the desert in real time.

Check out the trailer below (it’ll only play in the US, but you can watch it on the game’s Steam page if you’re not based there).

You can add Airplane Mode to your Steam wishlist right now if you want to simulate waiting for a brand-new videogame to come out.

We’ve got a list of the best plane games if you want to actually, like, fly a digital aircraft or something. I know what I’m waiting for.