Massive Alan Wake 2 update rolls out over 200 fixes and improvements

Alan Wake 2 update 1.0.8 is here, and the huge patch notes include over 200 individual bug fixes, improvements, and changes for PC players.

Alan Wake 2 update 1.0.8 patch notes - A bearded man with long hair grimaces.

Alan Wake 2 update 1.0.8 has arrived for players on the Epic Games Store this morning, giving everyone who is delving into the latest supernatural survival horror game from Control and Max Payne maker Remedy Entertainment a very welcome boost. With over 200 individual details in the full Alan Wake 2 patch notes, fixes to certain key mission objectives not working, and even some welcome additions for PC players, there’s a lot here for those of us playing.

Our Alan Wake 2 review digs into Remedy’s latest, which sees the eponymous author attempting to escape the Dark Place while FBI agent Saga Anderson investigates a series of murders in the Pacific North West. The result is one of the best survival horror games in a while, but one that does run into some performance issues even on higher-end systems. Fortunately, Remedy has been actively working on improving the game’s performance, and the latest Alan Wake 2 patch 1.0.8 is stuffed with plenty of tweaks.

Exacerbating the performance issues was one rather annoying bug for those playing on PC causing graphics settings to reset when launching the game – this has now been resolved. Alongside improvements to localization and lip sync, Remedy says it has fixed several animation issues across the board, both during gameplay and in cinematics. “Audio-related improvements” are also listed, which will hopefully mitigate issues where players were losing sound during cutscenes.

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Auto-aim has been improved “for specific circumstances,” which should help you ensure you land those critical shots, and numerous conversations that were failing to trigger correctly and thus blocking progress have been fixed. For PC players, there have been improvements to menus, which should allow you to now use the mouse at all times.

The Alan Wake patch 1.0.8 update is out now for the Epic Games Store version. You can read the full list of patch notes via Remedy’s own Alan Wake site, although bear in mind that the ‘mission specific’ section may include potential spoilers if you’re still progressing through the game.

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