Alien: Isolation release date announced. Due to burst out of gestation 7 October

alien isolation creative assembly

Dammit. I’ve done it again. I’ve put the only piece of information I have for the news story in the headline. I literally have no other new facts about Alien: Isolation. It’s out on the 7 October.

This is the complete opposite of clickbait. I’ve nothing to put below the post break… or do I?


Oh, I can’t do that to you. Here’s a video:

Here’s a man eating 10ibs of baked beans in five minutes:

And this is an 18th century cooking lesson for cooking beans in a pit:

This is slightly on topic to wrap up, why beans aren’t for astronauts:

And, if you’ve not already read them, here’s what Steve thought of Isolation when he went hands on and here are some details about the work Creative Assembly are putting into making the game.

If you didn’t enjoy the post break content you could say this was a Baked Bean Ending. Don’t worry, I hate me too.