Summer GOG sale brings free games, Sega, and Alien Isolation

Sega joins GOG at long last, and it's bringing a DRM-free Alien Isolation collection and more with it for the next GOG sale - which includes free games

Alien Isolation and SEGA leap in to the GOG summer sale

The GOG Summer Sale has kicked off and it’s brought with a bunch of free games, a major publisher to the DRM-free line-up, and one of the best horror games on PC. Yes, Sega has finally joined the storefront, and it’s brought with it an Alien Isolation GOG release – with more to come.

The next big GOG sale has launched and runs from June 6 all the way to June 27, with the usual selection of great deals. GOG also confirms that there will be at least five separate game giveaways during the Summer Sale. You can pick up the classic horror adventure game Sanitarium right now to keep for free, as long as you grab it within 48 hours, and Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate is also free – and seemingly separate from the announced five.

Perhaps the bigger news is that Sega is finally joining The Alien Isolation collection is its initial offering, which consists of the ultimate Alien game and all seven (!) DLC packs. It launches as part of the sale for 75% off, so it’s a good deal if you haven’t sampled the delights of having the locker you were hiding in ripped open and your face chewed off by a toothy space phallus yet.

GOG confirms that this won’t be Sega’s only appearance on the store either, as both Two Point Hospital and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine are “coming soon” – just as we’re getting excited for their sequels Two Point Campus and Space Marine 2, too. With any luck, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Total War games won’t be far behind.

If you want to know why Alien Isolation is such a great horror game, you can check out our review at that link.

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