Alien: Isolation mod adds “more aliens” to classic horror game

Alien: Isolation, the classic horror game from Total War developer Creative Assembly, just got even harder in time for Halloween with a mod adding “more aliens”

Alien: Isolation mod adds “more aliens” to classic horror game: Ripley and Ash from horror game Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation, the classic horror game from Total War developer Creative Assembly, has somehow gotten even harder, as a new mod adds “more aliens” as well as other terrifying features to the Ridley Scott film tie-in, just in time for Halloween.

Aptly titled AlienS: Isolation, the mod tweaks and compiles a variety of other Alien modding projects into one complete package, creating, in the words of developer Vyr0511, a “terrifying and difficult game experience.” They ain’t kidding.

There are three new difficulty settings here, and each one – even the lowest, named “lite” – sounds like hell. Allow me to run you through some of the new features in AlienS: Isolation, particularly the “true nightmare” difficulty, which Vyr0511 euphemistically stats can “become very frustrating for normal players.”

For starters, the alien will detect you more easily, can hear you from further away, and will respond almost instantly to any kind of alert. It will stalk you constantly, follow you into air ducts more often, and enter various zones that in the base game are normally safe. It can also see you through windows, something which oddly doesn’t seem to happen very often in the Creative Assembly original.

I suppose that doesn’t sound too bad, except we’re not talking about one alien any more – we’re talking about five. Oh yes. At any given time, you’ll now be stalked through Sevastopol Station by an entire boyband’s worth of juiced-up, razor-sharp, and long-sighted xenomorphs, all the while trying to avoid the various human enemies that have also been buffed, and the Working Joe androids which – thanks to the mod – can now run. “Alerting them,” warns Vyr0511, “will be worse than facing five aliens.”

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So, do you dare to take this on? Is AlienS: Isolation the horror experience you’ve been looking for, to make Halloween night go with a bang, or rather, a terrified squeal? If so, you can download it now from Nexus Mods.

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