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One of the greatest horror games ever made is less than $10 right now

Alien: Isolation, a tense survival horror game reminiscent of Amnesia: The Bunker and Dead Space, is heavily discounted right now on Steam.

One of the best horror games ever made is less than $10 right now: A woman in side profile, Ripley from Alien: Isolation.

A decade ago, in 2014, Creative Assembly put out one of the best horror games ever made. Though the studio is known largely for its work on strategy games like the historical Total War: Pharaoh and Total War: Three Kingdoms alongside the fantasy themed Total War: Warhammer 3, its first stab at a first person horror game, Alien: Isolation, ended up as a landmark for the genre. Now, anyone who’s eager to have their nerves shredded in a game of cat and mouse with a bloodthirsty xenomorph is in luck as Alien: Isolation has just received a steep discount on Steam.

Alien: Isolation takes place more than a decade after the story of the first Alien movie, casting the horror game‘s player as the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Trapped aboard the space station Sevastopol, the younger Ripley is tasked with trying to survive as a slavering, homicidal alien stalks her, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. If that wasn’t threat enough, she’s also forced to contend with emotionless killer robots and frantic human survivors apt to open fire as soon as they spot her. It might go without saying, but the result of all of this, and Ripley’s relative lack of appropriate weaponry, makes Isolation a wonderfully tense experience.

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Alien: Isolation is 80% off from now until next Wednesday May 1, bringing its price down to $7.99 USD / £6.99. Grab a copy right here. A bundle that includes all of Isolation’s DLC is also available at an 80% discount ($9.99 USD / £8.99) and you can get that by clicking here.

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