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Alien Rage footage shows lots of extraterrestrials. Hard to say if they’re angry, though


Footage of Alien Rage in action confirms a few features referred to in the original press release: it features guns, lots of explosions, and aliens with which to combine the former two features. The video teases at the potential the game has to be a straight-up fun game to blank your mind with at the end of a long day.

It also carries the suggestion that it may be dull as ditch water.

While the footage shows a game of high-polycounts and lots of shooting, not bad things by any stretch, it is exceedingly grey. It’s a blandness that spreads to the play, too: all the enemies seem to run into your vision and stand there shooting, not offering up any challenge or making use of the space the designers have created. It’s playing into the hands of the criticism of being just a shooting gallery.


That’s frustrating considering the developers are clearly having fun with some parts of the game, I really like that achievements have titles like ‘Blammo’, but I want to see that fun spread throughout the game’s design, else it’ll just end up being a bit naff.