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All Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzle solutions

Combination locks are a staple of the survival horror genre, and Alone in the Dark is no different, so here are their zodiac sign solutions.

What are the Alone in the Dark combination lock solutions? We’ve been here before. While Alone in the Dark is very much its own game, it’s easy to draw similarities to other genre stalwarts like Resident Evil. These parallels are only aggravated by the similarity in some of the puzzles, and it’s hard to think of a horror survival game without at least one combination lock.

The 1992 original Alone in the Dark is one of the games considered as having launched the genre, but the colorful, almost comical game never had quite the same grit and gore as, say, Resident Evil 1, which came a few years later, and it’s puzzles were far simpler. Utilizing everything the horror survival game genre is today, Alone in the Dark has many more head-scratchers to solve as we return to 1920s Deep South, and the story of Edward Carby and Emily Harwood.

A journal featuring a wheel with all zodiac signs, each associated with a number, part of the Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzles.

Room 6 combination lock

To find the solution for the combination lock in room 6, you must inspect Perosi’s Journal on the chaise longue, the picture of the Astarte Artists’ Colony, and the six paintings on the other wall.

First, head to the six paintings in a line. Each of these can be turned over by interacting with them, revealing a name on the other side. You only want three names, though – one for each cog on the combination lock. To work out which three, ensure the black rot makes a connected lines across the images. The answer is below.

Edward Carnby looks at six paintings on a wall, part of one of the Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzles.

The paintings you must turn over are the second, the third, and the sixth, revealing the names William Arges, Franklyn Mosig, and Norah Keith. Now, find these names on the painting of the Astarte Artists’ Colony, and note their associated numbers.

A small image of each of the nine members of the Astarte Artists' colony, each with a number above them. Part of the Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzle.

The numbers relating to the names are 2 (William Arges), 9 (Franklyn Mosig), and 4 (Norah Keith). This is also the order the numbers go into the combination lock – the same order as they were in on the wall.

Finally, you need to turn these numbers into zodiac signs using the journal. Open the journal in your inventory, and use the numbers already written in to decipher the zodiac signs for 2, 9, 4. The answer is below.

The solution of the Alone in the Dark room 6 combination lock, showing the symbols for pisces, libra, and taurus.

With this information, the combination lock puzzle solution in room six is Pisces, Libra, Taurus, as shown on the lock above.

Room combination lock solution

To solve the combination lock puzzle in room, you first need the medicine box key, which ca be found in the grand parlour. Once you have it, unlock the box in room, and take the bottle back to room. Find the other bottle in the room, and place both on the tray of medicine bottles. Now, you must rearrange and rotate the bottles until the rot connects in a smooth line, revealing the order of bottle’s numbers.

Four bottles in a row, a line of rot spreading across them all, part of one of the Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzles.

As with the room 6 combination lock puzzle, these numbers then relate to zodiac signs, so check Perosi’s Journal again, and you’ll find that the numbers – 2, 5, and 7 – this time relate to the signs Pisces, Gemini, and Leo: the combination lock answer.

A combination lock shows the symbols for three zodiac signs, and the solution to one of the Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzles.

These Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzles are just a drop in a raging ocean of conundrums in the horror game. If you need help completing the Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzles or the Chapel medallion puzzles, among others, then, as luck would have it, we’ve got guides for those too. And if you need a rest from riddles, take a break and read our Alone in the Dark review to see just what we thought of the game as a whole.