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Alone in the Dark Dr Grey’s apartment talisman solution

Various Talisman puzzles allow you to travel between worlds in Alone in the Dark, but the one in Dr Grey's apartment might be the hardest.

A strange symbol burned into the carpet in Dr Grey's apartment in Alone in the Dark.

What is the talisman solution in Dr Grey’s office in Alone in the Dark? Whether playing as Edward or Emily, your talisman becomes an important part of your journey, helping you travel between worlds as you uncover the mystery of Derceto.

While most of the Alone in the Dark talisman coordinates are easily found in notes or the environment around you, similar to the Alone in the Dark Pregzt safe combination. Later in the game, there is a far more difficult puzzle. In Dr Grey’s apartment, a marking on the floor gives your answer, but the mysterious symbols don’t reveal much in the way of coordinates. Here, then, is how to solve the Alone in the Dark broken clock talisman puzzle in Dr Grey’s apartment.

Emily and Edward stand in Dr Grey's office in Alone in the Dark, and a talisman symbol is marked into the carpet.

What are the talisman coordinates in Dr Grey’s office?

Unlike every other talisman puzzle in Alone in the Dark so far, the solution this time lies in the pattern on the floor, as opposed to numericals themselves. You need to mimic the marking on the floor by arranging the disks according to the small arrow-like shapes on them: The largest disk pointing down, and the other two pointing up.

To make this easier, the numerical solution for this is actually 0-0-0, or you can simply follow the image below. Either way, placing the disks in the correct positions will, as with each of the talisman puzzles before it, reveal an image in the glass. This time, you are directed to the closet in the other room.

The talisman solution for the puzzle in Dr Grey's apartment in Alone in the Dark.

You can see in the image above how the arrows and semi-circle cutouts in the disks relate to the marking on the carpet. Presumably, this is part of the reason for Dr Grey’s apartment being fixed-camera – the only fixed-camera section in the whole game – though it could also be a call-back to the original 1992 game and other classic horror survival games of the past.

With the talisman solution for Dr Grey’s apartment now at your fingertips, you’re ready to venture forth into the final, explosive Alone in the Dark scenes. We discuss the voice acting of David Harbour and Jodie Comer in our Alone in the Dark review, but you can take a look at our Alone in the Dark cast list to find out who else lent their voice to the horror game. You should also check out where to pick up any Alone in the Dark Lagnaippes you might be missing as you approach the game’s finale.