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All Alone in the Dark Lagniappes and locations

Completing Lagniappe sets can unlock secrets and even items, so here’s every one of the Alone in the Dark collectibles and its location.

The Children of a Dark Sun Alone in the Dark Lagniappe, showing a stone tablet with the face of the Dark Man on it.

Where are all the Alone in the Dark Lagniappes? Alone in the Dark is set partly in 1920s New Orleans, and is faithful not only to its period, but also its location. “Lagniappe” is a New Orleans term for a free bonus or gift, and is used in-game for sets of collectible items. Not content with simple, useless collectibles for completionists, though, Alone in the Dark Lagniappe sets, when completed, can change the game, so there’s even more reason to find them all.

As you explore both the worlds of Alone in the Dark, you might want to check each and every corner and cranny for these interesting collectible items. Some are obvious, and some are even given to you automatically, but this is a puzzle game, so it’s not always that easy. You can’t always go back if you’re missing one, so keep your eyes – and this list – open to make sure you pick up all the Alone in the Dark Lagniappes.

The Ashes of Indigo Alone in the Dark Lagniappe.

All Alone in the Dark collectibles

All of the Alone in the Dark Lagniappe sets are listed here, if you’re missing something specific, jump to the set below:

The full when it Makes you Worse Alone in the Dark Lagniappe set, including a postcard, a jack in the box, and a framed rorschach image.

When it Makes you Worse

Completing the When it Makes you Worse set is mostly for completionists, as it reveals bonus knowledge not essential in completing the game.

  • The Flying Dutchman – on a chaise longue in the therapy room, during chapter 4.
  • Jack in the Box – can be picked up in Grace’s room having interacted with it once.
  • Rorschach – on a shelf in the clerk’s office, next to the safe.

The complete Pirates of Pontchartrain Alone in the Dark Lagniappe set, including a Opera Playbill, Pallid Mask, and Map of Caribbean.

The Pirates of Pontchartrain

This collection is another that unlocks a brief passage of text, adding more mysterious context to the story.

  • Opera Playbill – on a chair in the small parlor in chapter 4.
  • Pallid Mask – on a chair in the boat on the bayou, as Edward.
  • Map of Caribbean – in the globe on the first floor landing, needs the France key to unlock.

Unspeakable Cults

Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Scapegoat – to your right as you enter the basement.
  • Children of a Dark Sun – on the floor of a small, upstairs room in the sunken desert temple, next to a sarcophagus.
  • Ashes of Indigo – in the “Empty Room” once you uncover its resident – we won’t give that away here, though.

The Hartwood Curse

Unlocks a secret memory in the attic.

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Witness the Black Pharoah – on the wall in the garden to your right as you leave Pregzt as Edward.

The complete The Crescent City Alone in the Dark Lagniappe set, including a Matchbook, Ju-ju, and Streetcar ticket.

The Crescent City

Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Matchbook – given automatically when Ruth leads you to the Pregzt warehouse.
  • Ju-ju – on the courtyard balcony in the French Quarter, as Emily.
  • Streetcar Ticket – in the basement room before the wine cellar.

The complete Prisoner of Ice Alone in the Dark Lagniappe set, including a Sallow Offering, Do Not Disturb sign, and a Tessellated Shard.

Prisoner of Ice

The Prisoner of Ice Lagniappes provide another passage of forbidden knowledge, giving more context to the Greenland section of Edward and Jeremy’s story – but that’s all we’ll say to avoid spoilers.

  • Tessellated Shard – in a hidden room in the attic.
  • Do Not Disturb – on the door of Dr Grey’s apartment.
  • Sallow Offering – in Greenland, hanging on a tent in the base camp.

The full Lost Children Alone in the Dark Lagniappe set, including a rubber stamp, a fountain pen, and a dog collar.

Lost Children

The Lost Children set is one of the most useful, as it unlocks the shotgun case in the small parlor.

  • Fountain Pen – on the desk in Batiste’s room.
  • Rubber Stamp – on the ledge under the window in reception as Edward.
  • Dog Collar – in the Drawing room, the door to which can only be opened with the palette knife when playing as Edward.

Dying with Dignity

Unlocks a secret objective.

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

Death of the Author

Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Unknown
  • Typewriter Ribbon – on the dock at Pregzt, near a crane.
  • Movie Script – in a case in Cassandra’s room.

Beast of Burden

Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Unknown
  • Gazing Statuette – in one of the cabins near the oil rig, when playing as Emily.
  • Mummified Cat – buried in the kitchen garden next to the statue.

A Thousand Young

Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Severed Horn – located in the back of the Pregzt warehouse, as part of Edward’s story.

All the World’s a Stage

Unlocks a secret objective.

  • Toy Talisman – On the floor in Dr Grey’s apartment.
  • Unknown
  • Curious Napkin – found on the right as you enter Hotel St George, as Edward, in chapter 4.


Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Canopic Jar – located in front of the Dark Man statue in the sunken desert temple, playing as Edward.
  • A Brightness From Afar – on the table in the small parlor, once Ruth has left, playing as Emily.
  • Broken Compass – Downstairs on the boat in the bayou, as Edward.

The complete A Goat Without Horns Alone in the Dark Lagniappe set, including a Profane Totem, Preserved Reptile, and a Jangling Shaker

A Goat Without Horns

The A Goat Without Horns collection unlocks a secret objective. Having gathered all three items, go into your Lagniappes menu and activate the bonus objective, prompting you to interact with the Whispering Tree in the Conservatory.

  • Profane Totem – when following the path alongside the Pearl River as Edward in chapter 4, head left at the fork to find the totem in a ramshackle building.
  • Preserved Reptile – on the table in Batiste’s shop in the French Quarter.
  • Jangling Shaker – under the bar in the alternate Grand Parlor, triggered once you have the stairwell key.

The full A Great Depression Alone in the Dark Langiappe set, including a beignet, a syringe, and rat poison.

A Great Depression

Unlocks Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Syringe – found on the floor of the Grand Parlor, as Edward.
  • Beignet – on the mezzanine floor.
  • Rat Poison – located in the cellar, in the corner of the pantry.

With all these Alone in the Dark Lagniappes, you can experience everything the horror survival game has to offer, including secret objectives and additional plot lines. While you’re looking for a helping hand through Derceto, we’ve also got a guide to every Alone in the Dark combination lock puzzle, as well as the Pregtz safe combination answer.