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Ultra punishing 3D platformer offers cash prize for fastest players

ALTF42 is leaping out of early access but this ultra hard game has something else to offer, a chance to win a bucket load of cash.

Ultra punishing 3D platformer offers cash prize for fastest players: A lively jester blocks your path in ALTF42

Hard games have had a renaissance over recent years, with soulslikes unabashedly yelling their rock hard credentials to all and sundry. For some that’s not enough, so we’ve seen a genre of even harder games appear, led by games like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and ALTF4. Now, sequel ALTF42 has launched out of early access with a twist.

ALTF42 puts you in the hapless body of knight Don Quixote on a quest to rescue the king. Of course, that king has been turned into a chicken, but that won’t stop you. What follows is an incredibly tough 3D platform game that asks you to try, try, and try again on your way through the many challenges in front of you. There are traps, dastardly devices, and tons of platforming problems to overcome. To make your adventure even harder there’s no saving. One slip and you’re off to the start of the game though you can pick up some items which will ease your progress. At least, a little.

The original ALTF4 was a viral hit and this sequel promises to be bigger and better in nearly every way with over a year spent in early access refining the formula. Now it’s launched into its full version complete with its final level and several new features and to celebrate, publisher Gravity is running a speedrun challenge.

From Wednesday June 5 until Wednesday June 12, players are challenged to complete ALTF42 in the fastest time possible. All items are allowed but modifications are banned, with the main requirement to simply complete the game in the fastest time possible. At the end of the challenge the top ten fastest players will share from a $5,000 prize pool.

If you’d like to take part and toss your hat into the speedrunning ring, head over to the official post to get the full rules and learn how you can enter the competition. You’ll have to act fast, you’ve only got a week to go. Also it’s a speedrunning competition so acting fast is the point.

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ALTF42 is out now and you can head over to Steam to grab it for yourself.

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