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Stunning new JRPG is “a tribute” to classics like Final Fantasy

Sea of Stars reminded me why I love the classic JRPG style, so imagine my face when I saw this new "tribute" to games like Final Fantasy.

Stunning new JRPG is "a tribute" to classics like Final Fantasy: Stunning new JRPG is "a tribute" to classics like Final Fantasy: An anime woman with black hair raises a sword to her face, sending lightning crackling along it

There are some games that just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. For me, those are JRPGs. From the Pokemon days through to Final Fantasy and, more recently, Sea of Stars, these over the top, exciting adventures never cease to make me smile. So, when Alzara Radiant Echoes, which is described as “a vibrant tribute to JRPG classics,” crossed my desk on this dreary Tuesday afternoon; I felt myself grinning.

Created by Studio Camelia and illustrated by Fire Emblem Heroes veteran Yoshiro Ambe, Alzara Radiant Echoes is a turn-based JRPG set in a dazzling Mediterranean-inspired world that has been plunged into chaos.

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“An ancient pact has been broken as war arrives on our shores,” the trailer reads. “Together, we forge the path to peace” – and boy is that path absolutely beautiful. We see our protagonist, Kayla, amble through streets inspired by the likes of Spain and Portugal, then dive into combat on a sandy beach alongside her three companions, Adil, Hugust, and Nakheel.

In true Final Fantasy style, you’re pitted against enemies in methodical, turn-based combat, and you’ll be able to chain together attacks that absolutely decimate anything that stands in your way. Combine the elements to solve puzzles and take down foes, summon Legends to give you a helping hand, and send the vicious Vedores back to whence they came.

Stunning new JRPG is "a tribute" to classics like Final Fantasy: A cartoon woman wearing a red shirt and long skirt runs through a Mediterranean-style countryside

As someone who absolutely adores Latin architecture, Alzara is incredibly exciting. Oftentimes it feels like JRPGs are always fantastical, set in medieval worlds or far-off universes. When I look at Alzara, I see its real-world influences – I remember strolling through the streets of small towns in the Portuguese countryside and seeing builds that look exactly like the ones in the trailer. That warm, fuzzy feeling is back – and it feels good.

The Alazra Radiant Echoes release date is set for sometime in 2026, with plans to launch on Steam and console. In the meantime, however, you can back it on Kickstarter if, like me, you’re intrigued, and wishlist it on Steam.

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