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Get up to 63% off when you buy an Amazon Echo this Cyber Monday

Grab a discounted Amazon Echo before Amazon's Cyber Monday deals come to a close.

An Amazon Echo in someone's house. A Black Friday flag is to the top left.

Connecting your devices can do a lot to enhance your gaming experience. Something like the Amazon Echo has quite a lot to offer PC gamers, whether it’s by vocally controlling the RGB lights you’re using in your setup, choosing the right background music to play during a long gaming session, or even by setting up notifications so that you know when your favourite games are on offer. If you want to make an investment into one of these delightful pieces of technology, the good news is that they are up to 63% off this Cyber Monday.

The Echo Show 8, released earlier this year, is reduced by a huge 31%, bringing the price down to $89.99. Unlike the Echo Dot models, the Echo Show comes with a small 8 inch HD touch screen which you can use for social and entertainment purposes, as well as being able to give it voice commands, like setting up reminders for time-sensitive in-game events, or reminding you when the Steam seasonal sale launches. You can even set it to curate your news so that you never miss any updates about your favourite games.

Of course, not everybody needs a HD screen with their Amazon Echo. If you just want it for the integrated smart features (like controlling RGB lights or sound systems) then the Echo Dot 3rd generation would be worth a look. This one one has been reduced by a whopping 63%, meaning that you can grab one for a mere $19.99 if you buy it before the Cyber Monday sales pass.

Different models will suit different set-ups and needs, so here’s a selection of the Amazon Echo discounts currently available for Cyber Monday:

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