Amazon Prime is going up in price, so grab it before it does

Amazon Prime UK customers will soon need to pay more for a subscription, but there's a way you can beat the price hike before its arrival

Hands holding up Amazon Prime package on blue backdrop

Amazon Prime is going up in price in the UK, so you might want to grab a cheaper subscription while you still can. The change will affect monthy and annual plans, but there’s a way to avoid the hike by switching to the latter right now.

Starting from September, Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions will increase by £1, meaning you’ll have to pay £8.99 per month to enjoy free delivery and access to Prime Video. Annual membership prices will also jump from £79 to £95, so you’ll have to pay an extra £16 if you don’t renew your account soon.

Of course, if you sign up to Amazon Prime right now, you’ll be able to snag the service for its original price. Opting for an annual subscription before the new pricing scheme rolls in means it’ll work out at around £6.58 per month, rather than 7.91.

Every penny counts when it comes to purchasing gaming PC parts, the best graphics cards are far from being cheap. While there’s little we can do about inflated GPU prices and other expensive components, beating the upcoming Amazon Prime membership price hike could help you claw back some funds, and you’ll naturally save more by taking advantage of next day free delivery.

Amazon Prime prices will go up in the UK from July 1, which just happens to be this coming Monday. So, if you’re planning on paying for Amazon Prime for the foreseeable, beat the bump and grab an annual subscription before then.