AMD to unveil more details of the new Ryzen 2 CPUs at GDC in March

AMD Ryzen 2 performance

AMD will release their second generation of Ryzen CPUs in April, but we’ll get a sneak preview of the new chips at the Game Developers Conference in March, just ahead of launch.

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The schedule for GDC is starting to be filled out and, for the second year running, AMD are hosting a session about optimising games for the Ryzen series of CPUs, which will include details about “upcoming next-generation Ryzen processors.”

We already know a fair bit about the new CPUs, thanks to AMD’s big pre-CES Tech Day. The Ryzen 2000-series of straight processors – not to be confused with the upcoming Raven Ridge APUs – will be manufactured on the updated 12nm production node.

That will mostly bring with it efficiency, rather than density, improvements, so don’t expect anything drastic to change in terms of core and thread-counts. But there will be higher clockspeeds, improved dynamic overclocking, and I’m hoping better gaming performance.

AMD GDC Ryzen 2 session

The improved gaming performance I’m expecting, because of the updated Precision Boost and XFR features, will likely play into what AMD’s Ken Mitchell and Elliot Kim will be discussing with game developers at GDC in March. Hopefully it will also give us more of an insight into exactly how much better the new Ryzen processors will be when they start to hit the shelves in April.

Obviously that’s not going to be the hottest AMD ticket at GDC. I doubt there’ll be even standing room left for AMD’s TressFX session about Simulating and Rendering Physically-Realistic Curly Hair. That room is bound to be a who’s who of game developers, all chasing the holy grail of Bon Jovi hair in-game.

Won’t somebody think of the mullets?

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