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AMD Radeon RX 465 on the way? The Polaris 10 card destined to take on the GTX 1050 Ti

AMD Radeon RX 465 release date

First we had the rumours AMD were slashing the price of the Radeon RX 470 to compete with the upcoming Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti and now it seems they’re just releasing a whole new card to do just that. Could this be the AMD Radeon RX 465?

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Rumour-lovin’ web workers, Videocardz, though have posted a story about a new XFX Radeon RX 470D Black Wolf card. On the surface you might think it was just another 4GB version of the RX 470, but the stated core count is significantly different from the standard AMD card.

They claim to have taken the information directly from the Chinese version of the XFX website, though there is now no mention on there of a cut-down RX 470, so the usual salt rationing ought to be applied here.

The specs listed on the site have the GCN core count set at 1,792, which is some 256 shaders down on the standard Polaris 10 GPU used in AMD’s standard RX 470. In the listing for the RX 470D XFX apparently refer to it as Elliesmere (sic) Pro – Ellesmere was the original codename for the Polaris 10 chip, so that kinda follows, though the veracity levels are dropping with each odd error…

Still, there are other rumours filtering out of China surrounding a purported Radeon RX 470 SE and a Radeon RX 465, so it does seem likely there is going to be a third Polaris 10 graphics card coming out sometime soon. If we take the previous price cut rumour as a misinterpretation of a lower-price, lower-spec card coming out using the RX 470’s GPU then that makes a lot more sense too. Especially seeing as the MSRP for the RX 470 is way lower than you can currently buy the cards for and no price cut looks like taking hold just yet.

Of all the naming conventions offered for the new Polaris card the Radeon RX 465 seems the most likely to me. AMD have never used the ‘SE’ suffix for their cards, and when they have offered a cut-down version of a certain chip they’ve previously marketed it as a high-end version of the next card down the stack. The year after they released the R9 270, for example, they created a card using the same GPU with 256 cores cut out and sold it as an R7 265. So even if they’re using a different GPU to the RX 460’s Polaris 11 chip they may still refer to the cut-price Polaris 10 version as an RX 465.

When they first released the RX 480 they also ran us through the naming conventions of the new Polaris cards, explaining that the RX xx5 numbering system would be used for higher spec versions of a specific card. They said nothing about any kinda SE shenanigans.

The Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti is launching globally on Tuesday October 25, and if AMD are going to do something to spoil the party we wouldn’t be surprised to see if coming very soon after.