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Alienware confirm AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper will launch by July 27

Alienware Area-51 Threadripper

Yesterday, Alienware announced they would be launching an AMD Threadripper-powered Area-51 monster rig, rocking the 16-core, 32-thread processors. Initially, they gave a September launch date for the UK, but Alienware have now confirmed the Area-51 Threadripper edition will launch on July 27.

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Alienware have gone big with their new Area-51 machines, offering both the AMD Threadripper chips as well as Intel’s upcoming Core i9 Skylake-X processors. The Intel option will be launching later, on August 22.

Alienware had their Threadripper version running on the stand here at E3, utilising the 32-threads of the engineering sample chip at its heart to run Sniper Elite 4, record it via OBS, and also threw some Blender rendering in there for good measure. Y’know, cos they can.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper engineering sample specs

The Threadripper chip was running at a stock speed of 3.4GHz, with the cores dropping back to just over 2GHz when they weren’t in use. In terms of cache, the 16-core CPU sports 1.5MB of L1 caches, 8MB of L2, and a massive 32MB of L3. That’s a whole lot of cache out there.

While the July 27 release date is specifically for the Area-51 machine, we’d be massively surprised if AMD allowed Alienware to be the first to bring the massive chips out into the wild. If AMD don’t launch the CPUs for the DIY market before then there’ll be pitchforks at the ready.

Alienware are the only OEM to be able to use the Threadripper CPUs in packaged products, as they’ve seemingly got exclusivity throughout 2017.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU

Alienware were also showing off their new 25-inch G-Sync and FreeSync monitors, with 240Hz 1080p TN panels for the pro-gamer crowd, as well as their new mice and keyboards too. Yeah, they’re getting back into the peripheral game too.

The keyboards are classic mech-switch fare, using Cherry MX Brown switches only, and the mice are sporting either the Pixart PMW 3360 or 3325 optical sensors. And, guess what? Yup, they’re rocking LEDs as well…