AMD introduces PC sharing remote play features, but only for Radeon GPUs

Latest driver update brings a must-have feature

If you’re rocking an AMD graphics card in your gaming PC, the latest Adrenalin GPU driver is one you’ll want to update tout sweet, as it ushers in the red team’s remote playing feature, called AMD Link. Nvidia has something similar in the form of GameStream, which officially only supports local streaming to its Shield devices – although there’s open-source software that changes that.

Previously, AMD Link took a similar approach, only letting you stream games from a Radeon graphics card to other devices on your home network. Fortunately, the software has now been expanded to let you beam your game from your PC to mobile devices, even when you’re out of the house.

For games on your PC with local multiplayer and split-screen modes, AMD Link will now also allow other Radeon computers to connect and play through your own rig – which seems perfect right now for a socially-distanced split-screen gaming session. The company also released an AMD Link App for Apple TV and Android TV devices, which could make a great living room gaming experience alongside the best PC controller.

A revised live-streaming wizard is also along for the ride in Adrenalin version 21.4.1, as well as enhanced recording to share your best gameplay moments, and extra performance metrics for the best gaming CPU.

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You can download the latest Adrenalin update here, or head into the software directly.